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This article is part of an ongoing series about transforming manufacturing businesses with ERP. You can catch up on all the news on the Jobman blog.

Unfortunately, Australian manufacturing is ranked last among OECD countries for innovation. Our industry is lagging in delivering sophisticated products. Part of the problem is the lack of productivity tools for small and growing manufacturers.

Overcoming the complexity challenge

Manufacturing businesses are inherently complex. That can make implementing an off-the-shelf product extremely difficult, limiting the number of providers making software for agile-growing companies.

But at Jobman, we prefer to look at the challenge as one of flexibility. So after spending several years on the shop floor, we created a manufacturing ERP that scales with manufacturers and cabinetmakers. Growing businesses can add modules on-demand instead of squeezing their operations into an off-the-shelf model.

This benefits the Aussie manufacturing industry in five ways:

1. Features made for manufacturers

Any respectable ERP has an integrated CRM (customer relationship management). However, manufacturers deal with various suppliers and customers on both sides of the supply chain, leading to a jumbled CRM.

Jobman’s CRM enables manufacturers to categorise contacts by type (builder, supplier, residential customer) and further apply areas like kitchen, laundry or office, so the information stays organised for use later.

Jobman’s CRM is just one custom-made feature. You can see the full feature list on our website, including automated capacity planning, quoting, inventory control and much more.

2. Anticipating implementation challenges

Manufacturers might hesitate to implement an ERP for many reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness concerns
  • Mismatch between off-the-shelf ERPs and manufacturing processes
  • Workforce training
  • Governance and system upkeep
  • ERP seen as a tool for big businesses

Jake Maring, owner of Superior Kitchens & Cabinets in Albany, WA, had the same idea.

“I always had the same thinking in my mind that that’s only for the big businesses. You know, people that have lots and lots of employees and lots and lots of office staff,” says Jake.

But focusing on the benefits rather than the challenges helped Jake and his team to change their thinking.

“We realised that we could not grow the business unless we had something in place to manage it,” says Jake.

The Jobman team is familiar with the challenges of implementing an ERP across a complex business. As a result, we can work with you to anticipate and overcome challenges before getting started to achieve a smooth and successful implementation.

3. A simplified system that suits your workforce

Jobman supports lean, growing manufacturers. The simplified system is easy for anyone to use, whether filling out timesheets, following up leads or managing end-to-end operations.

In a single browser-based system, you have all the tools and information to plan, track and improve production. Jobman is designed to replace outdated legacy systems, combining all the functionality into a simplified, streamlined, intelligent software package.

4. Experience with similar manufacturers

Our team has spent years working in manufacturing and cabinetmaking businesses. As a result, we understand the challenges of combining multiple systems and supporting your workforce through periods of change.

We can also use that industry knowledge to help your business set a growth strategy supported by ERP.

5. Staying ahead of the curve

Here at Jobman, it’s our goal to support Aussie manufacturers and cabinetmakers with the right tools to enable growth.

“The biggest thing is that because Jobman is a company that’s developing for the cabinetmaking industry, they’ve got their ears to the ground,” says Jake.

“They’re already envisaging other areas where they can improve which we hadn’t even thought about”.

Just like the industry itself, manufacturing ERP software must continually improve through innovation. That means listening to our customers, learning from their challenges, and innovating Jobman to be the best ERP for small and growing manufacturers.

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