Hardware solutions for Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP

The winning combination of leading ERP manufacturing software combined with Integra System’s K4.0 will optimise all aspects of manufacturing. 

Jobman’s intuitive Kiosk interface on the K4.0 allows for easy data entry and retrieval and a paperless manufacturing business.

Integra Systems

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Integrations make your day

  • Strengthen you business with supplier partners
  • Expand your eco system
  • Live data management made even easier 
  • Industry 4.0 benefits
  • Future proof your business with trusted networks

By integrating your supplier and ERP solutions, you can do away with outdated legacy systems, eliminate double data entry, save hours, and make better business decisions. The benefits tally up quickly.

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How your manufacturing ERP and Suppliers come together

Save time, money and wastage with API supplier integrations.

Once the integration is up and running, your entire workforce has One Touch purchase ordering, live eta, pricing change information and even minimum order quantity requirements.

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Jobman brings your business to the next level

If you want to get more from your business, you need total transparency across the supply chain. With Jobman, Australia’s leading manufacturing and cabinetmaking ERP, you get that and much more.

Discover how the powerfully yet simple ERP system designed for all manufacturers can help you unlock productivity. Plan, track and grow your business with Jobman.