Winner Flex ERP integration

Integrations bring the best of both worlds together, improving cabinetmaking and joinery productivity. With Jobman’s industry-leading Winner Flex integration, cabinetmakers can create impressive kitchen designs in minutes and benefit from end-to-end ERP intelligence across the production line.

Integrations are the innovative, simple solution to boost productivity at work.

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All your information in one place

If you’ve ever shared an old job file, mispriced a job, lost a quote or wasted hours making minor design amendments, then you know the frustration of working with separate systems. 

Jobman, Australia’s leading ERP for cabinetmakers and manufacturers, aims to eliminate those frustrations while giving you more productivity. 

Integrations bring your third-party solutions like Winner Flex CAD/CAM software into your ERP for complete control over your production process.

The benefits of integrating Winner Flex and Jobman

Bringing your CAD and ERP software together does a lot for any small or growing cabinetmaking business:

  • Securely store job files in one place
  • Materials and section information in one location
  • Automatically synchronise updates
  • Synchronised pricing on your catalogue
  • Better collaboration between teams
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce errors and waste
  • Save hours on every job
  • Access project data from anywhere
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Save time at every stage

You can create professional, accurate quotes in minutes with Jobman’s quoting features. And with Winner Flex, you can whip up impressive kitchen designs in about the same timeframe. Bringing the systems together means you save time on quoting, ordering, job scheduling, capacity planning, and so much more. So what will you do with all those extra hours?

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Accuracy across your production pipeline

Jobman’s CAD/CAM integrations ensure your price and material data is always up-to-date in ERP, based on your chosen Winner Flex catalogue. You set your margins with no unexpected surprises and total transparency on every job. Plus, maintaining an updated cost catalogue means forecasting, quoting, and job cost reports are accurate and straightforward. It’s all part of putting you in control of your business.

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Get your teams talking

Winner Flex is a simple 3D design solution for sales and drafting teams to work together. By integrating Winner Flex into your cabinetmaking ERP, you can extend that benefit to every member of your team. Jobman has powerful collaboration features that bring your team together and cut waste across the production process.

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End-to-end benefits

Integrating Winner Flex and Jobman simplifies supply chain management and production. For example, you can access and share job files, create purchase orders using availability charts, streamline timesheets, and monitor production in real-time.

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Australia’s leading ERP for cabinetmaking and joinery

Jobman and Winner Flex are a great fit. Both software solutions give cabinetmakers, woodworkers and manufacturers a simple way to save time and improve results. To understand how Jobman can help you plan, track and manage your business in a better way, contact our team for a consultation today.

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Support when you need it

We understand the pressures of running a growing business. The Jobman team is always on hand to provide support when you need it, from integrating Winner Flex into your ERP to boosting productivity across the supply chain. Our local support staff are here to help.