Track & manage leads more efficiently

Winning new customers is the key to growing any business. Jobman’s lead management features enable your team to manage and close more leads confidently. With a powerful array of features, plus the transparency of an end-to-end manufacturing ERP, Jobman’s lead management software is the intelligent way to win new business.

Jobman simplifies lead management. Thanks to powerful automation and real-time data syncing, your sales team can take clear, actionable steps to progress leads through to a sale.

Never miss an opportunity again. Jobman is intelligently simplified ERP software that helps manufacturers and cabinetmakers to win more leads and grow existing accounts. Perfect for small and growing teams, Jobman streamlines operations and frees up time for you to focus on what matters: building your business.

Benefits of Jobman’s lead management features

  • Create custom quotes in minutes
  • Track leads at every stage
  • Total transparency across sales and operations
  • Improve productivity and professionalism
  • Win more business
  • Never miss an opportunity
  • Easy production scheduling
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Automatically syncs with accounting software

How Jobman’s lead management functionality works

Magnifying glass in front of people icon

New lead

When a new lead enters the system, Jobman helps salespeople to create clear targets. Customer data syncs with the CRM, so you have all the necessary information to make a great first impression.

Checklist and cog icon

Lead checklist

Using the target date, Jobman creates an easy-to-follow lead checklist that helps salespeople plan their day. Lead checklists are automatically populated backward, forward or both, and are fully customisable depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

Cog and computer icon

Automated progress

As staff use Jobman’s time and attendance features, data syncs across the ERP. There’s no double data entry, dropped balls or missed opportunities: the lead status automatically progresses to a won or lost sale.

Icon of a quote

Quick, professional quotes

Anyone can create professional quotes in minutes with Jobman. You have complete control and a powerful array of features to generate accurate, transparent quotes. In addition, helpful templates and fully customisable options give you the flexibility to duplicate or edit quotes on the fly.

Icon of an invoice with a tick

Easy invoicing

Create invoices from accepted quotes in just a few clicks. The invoice syncs with your bookkeeping software, so you don’t have to enter the information twice. You can email the invoice directly from Jobman and integrate your accounting software to follow up automatically.

Icon of a bell and calendar

Reminders and alerts

Jobman’s lead checklist spells out every step to reach your sales targets. Automated alerts and helpful reminders provide a prompt when a task is overdue, so you never leave an opportunity lingering.

Man in a warehouse working on a tablet

Integrated intelligence

Jobman centralises all your production, sales and financial data into a single simplified platform. ERP integrations like CAD/CAM and accounting software make it easy to create accurate job specs from quotes, follow-up invoices automatically, track time and attendance, and so much more.

Get total transparency and complete control across every part of your business with Jobman, an ERP for the Australian manufacturing industry.