Take control of your data with Jobman ERP

Jobman’s open API gives you the power to connect this ERP to your other pieces of software.  This allows you to set up automations, and allow data to flow where it needs to go.

Developers: Please check out our Open API Documentation to get started.

Benefits of Jobman’s API

  • Connect to other pieces of software
  • Retrieve data in real time
  • Add / Modify / Read any data that is in Jobman.
  • Eliminate double entry of data
  • Streamline data flow
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
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Link it all up

The sign of well written, cloud based software is an Open API.  This allows you to connect the dots, so to speak, linking all your various pieces of the puzzle together.

  • A list view of upcoming jobs – Agenda Screens
  • Connect to Zapier
  • Retrieve your own data with a custom integration

Get started with your own integration, visit the Open API Documentation

To get started, click the button below to visit Jobman’s Open API.