Cabinet Vision

Jobman’s integration with Cabinet Vision, streamlines your company’s processes while offering multiple time saving benefits.

Accurate real-time data at your fingertips ensures you’re making correct decisions as your company grows profitably.

Streamline your Quoting

Jobman only requires an export of Cabinet Names, Heights, Widths and Depths from Cabinet Vision for:

  • Powerful quick quotes and re-quote
  • One-touch quote acceptance
  • Quick invoicing

Simplify job management

Jobman uses smart product logic to:

  • Automate Scheduling
  • Automate Capacity Planning
  • Query Inventory
  • Create and Send Purchase Orders

Unbeatable productivity for growing businesses

Jobman provides cabinetmakers the tools to scale their business, profitably. Integrations with your CAD CAM software utilises key data at its core to unlock productivity increases for your staff at every stage of your manufacturing process.

Australia’s leading ERP for cabinetmaking plus Cabinet Vision, adds up to a wise business decision.

Total Transparency

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business, from anywhere at any time with Real-time data allows you to know that:

  • You are quoting profitably, accurately, quickly, and presenting professionally.
  • You have the capacity to do the Job
  • Have real-time data to show estimated vs actual material and labour costs.

Better team collaboration

Collaboration is key. Your team operates better when they are on the same page. Cabinet Vision wins the design while Jobman helps you seal the deal and deliver.