Cabinet Vision ERP integration with Jobman

Jobman’s CAD and CAM integrations simplify the way manufacturers and cabinetmakers get work done. Jobman and Cabinet Vision integrate seamlessly for smoother jobs and less waste. The extensive range of powerful ERP features enables productivity beyond the production floor.

As an ERP designed for manufacturing, cabinetmaking and joinery work, Jobman is the perfect partner for production software.

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Complete production control with Jobman and Cabinet Vision

By integrating Cabinet Vision into your manufacturing ERP, you benefit from a productivity boost, better process control, and total transparency over your operation.

From quoting to drafting, stock control, production and finishing, Jobman’s Cabinet Vision ERP integration enables you to plan, track and manage jobs in a better way.

Benefits of Jobman’s Cabinet Vision Integration

Bringing the leading ERP and cabinetmaking software together has wide-ranging benefits for small and growing businesses:

  • Boost productivity
  • Track stock to minimise waste
  • Turn quotes into job files
  • Reduce data entry
  • Save time on every job
  • Update job files automatically
  • Eliminate human error and backtracking
  • Generate instant productivity reports
  • Organise files, suppliers and stock easily
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Populate availability charts

Jobman gives you two ways to update availability charts: export your Cabinet Visions materials list (Materials.CVM) as a .csv, then import it into Jobman. Or you can synchronise the systems using a package we’ve developed, allowing you to easily track materials availability job-by-job. Then, all you need to do is match the product codes, and Jobman integrates with Cabinet Vision to do the rest.

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Create ORD files from quotes

Creating quotes in Jobman is easy, thanks to quote templates. By integrating Cabinet Vision, you can turn approved quotes into Cabinet Vision ORD files in a few simple steps. This ensures your job files directly match the quote without wasting your time entering the same information twice.

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Track stock through the production line

Jobman provides end-to-end transparency across your operation. Data syncs from every part of your business, including inventory, timesheets, job scheduling and more. So when your team finishes a task, uses material, or the warehouse receives a stock order, that information automatically carries across to jobs in progress and availability charts.

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Manage jobs in a smarter way with Jobman and Cabinet Vision

Jobman is an ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers. Our Cabinet Vision integration can do so much to help you plan, track, and complete jobs more efficiently. The goal is to align operations between Jobman and Cabinet Vision, saving your team hours on every job and unlocking productivity across the production line.

Want to know more?

Jobman Academy features handy step-by-step guides for all our powerful ERP features, including integrating Cabinet Vision. Our local team is always here to provide support when you need it. But when you want a quick refresher, check out Jobman Academy to learn the nuts and bolts of Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP.