Jobman is web-based software. Applications that run in the cloud can offer businesses substantial cost and operational savings when compared to traditional desktop software on stand-alone computers.

Some of the other benefits include

  • Seamless updates
    Instead of having to patch each and every individual user, the patches/upgrades are applied to the server and each user accesses the updated version the next time they log in.
  • No admin rights required
    Finally, a world where the network administrator in the company does not have to approve the installation of your software! All the administrator is required to do is set up new users and give them an access level.
  • Available anywhere, anytime
    Home, office, hotel, internet café – no matter where you find yourself you can log on with your username and password to your JOBMAN site and access data. This allows you to work from home or away and enter data or run the same reports as you would if you were at your office desk.
  • Platform independent
    Whether you are running a Windows, Mac OS or Linux system you can use JOBMAN. There is no investment in additional software or operating system – load the preferred internet browser and you are ready to get started!
  • Usable from inexpensive devices
    Run JOBMAN on low-end computers, laptops, tablets and phones! Dual-core processors as a minimum are recommended but not essential. This means it is achievable to create workstations throughout the office or factory giving all staff access to JOBMAN.
  • Customisation
    The nature of web-based software allows for greater customisation for the end-user. JOBMAN allows this because development can be tailored to suit individual requirements.
  • Data is kept safe in the hosting environment
    See this link provided for a full explanation of data handling for Jobman.
  • Automatic virus protection
    With web-based applications like JOBMAN, your data is secure. Our servers have multiple levels of protection from viruses, hackers, and other nasties, and they are also kept updated whenever a security update is released.  This is a lot more secure than having your data sitting on a hard drive in your office.


Jobman’s highly automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) supports sales and service teams. All the data you need is in one place and always up-to-date. Plus, Jobman has loads of time-saving functionalities for manufacturers to win more business.

Happy customers are good for business. The secret to great customer interactions is a system that delivers valuable insights and integrates with every part of your operation.

  • Automated contact data sync between Jobman and your accounting software
  • Generate purchase orders based on customer job requirements
  • Classify contacts based on their relationship, like Builder, Commercial and Supplier
  • Customisable area types (e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom or Robes) allow you to control design specifications easily
  • Store multiple contacts for the same account
  • Send a templated email with contact or job information

Lead management

Getting the lead is only half the battle. Nurturing the lead to get a sale is tricky – but Jobman’s lead management features make it so much easier.

The combination of real-time data, automated scheduling, transparent history and alerts give your team all the tools to close more sales.

  • Straightforward scheduling thanks to an intelligent checklist coupled with time and attendance syncing
  • Lead checklist for timely, professional service every time
  • Customisable specification sheets for better collaboration between Sales and Production teams
  • Easy reporting including sales reports and lead progress

Job management

Juggling too many jobs? Or spending too much time manually creating work schedules? We know the struggle. That’s why we packed Jobman with user-friendly job management features that take the guesswork (and human error) away and give you transparent data.

Free up more time for your entire workforce. Like every custom-made feature in our ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers, Jobman’s scheduling tools make work smarter and more productive.

  • Intelligent capacity planning optimises your workforce for productivity, reducing cost overruns or idle time
  • Job types automatically populate a checklist, so you don’t miss a step
  • Progress bar chart gives you a visual overview that’s detailed but easy to follow
  • Target calendar with flexible, user-friendly features makes scheduling simple
  • Agenda screens let everyone from the shop floor to Finance know which jobs are up next


Quick, accurate quotes can be the difference between winning a job and ending up at the bottom of the pile. With Jobman, you can generate quotes in seconds from your laptop, tablet or desktop. And with instant invoicing features, getting paid is painless (and fast).

Quoting with Jobman is faster, simpler and more transparent. You can even populate quotes from third-party CAD/CAM packages. See how easy Jobman makes quoting, no matter how simple or complex the quote.

  • Quote presets make generating accurate, professional quotes a breeze
  • Invoice in seconds by turning an approved quote into an invoice 
  • Quote types are a smarter, simpler way of creating quotes with all the right details displayed perfectly
  • Send quotes and invoices through Jobman, plus follow-up automatically with accounting software integrations
  • Automatically create .ORD files for Cabinet Vision from quotes to transition seamlessly into production
  • Overheads and profit percentages automatically added to make quoting transparent for your team