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We take data security seriously at Jobman.  Our cloud servers are backed up in multiple offsite data centres, many times a day.  We ensure that there are always at least two redundant methods of data recovery for the data, which are handled by different companies.

These backups are periodically audited, to ensure that if we ever need to restore data from them, the process will work properly.

We periodically audit our servers, to ensure the highest level of security.

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Our staff are required to keep all your data confidential, this forms part of their Contract Of Employment.  We would never disclose your sales data to anyone, not even your staff.

As part of our service, staff are able to log into your Jobman Application, using an extremely long random password that is changed whenever there is a change in our staff.  This is required for training and support purposes.  We would normally only log into your site when solving support issues, or helping with training.

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We have a publicly available status page which shows the operational status of some of our servers, which also allows you to be notified whenever we post a status update.  This means that if we have a problem, or are expecting to do maintenance, we can get in contact to advise when we expect the problem to be resolved.

We also monitor our servers using other means, which will alert us well before a problem becomes noticeable to the end user, allowing us to keep everything running smoothly.