Cloud factory management software for Shop Fitters

Streamline, optimise and automate.

Digitising your company’s systems to a singular cloud-based platform allows for continuous improvements across the entire company.

Your company’s data and insights at your fingertips. That is a game changer!

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Why Jobman is becoming the preferred manufacturing software platform.


Jobman’s Quote Pre-Sets allow for quick and powerful quoting.

Your product library allows you to track actuals from estimate with editable parametric parts and labor for better reporting accuracy.

Generate professional quotes from customizable templates with just one click to present your data.

Jobman is fully mobile responsive.

Win more quotes by getting them into your customer’s hands in a fraction of the time with just a few clicks.

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Automated scheduling and capacity planning from an accepted quote are just a couple of ways Jobman helps you streamline your business.

Your team’s collaborative and pro-active approach to achieving company goals become reality when your Accounting, CAD CAM, and cloud storage applications are integrated with Jobman.
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