Plan, track & deliver better work with Jobman

Project management is one of the most complex challenges for growing manufacturers. Finding the “sweet spot” where productivity and capacity are both at their maximum can take years of trial and error – until you invest in an ERP.

Jobman’s project management software for manufacturing is packed with features that simplify job management. As a specialised ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers, Jobman’s data-driven intelligence provides a clear production overview so you can plan with confidence.

Jobman centralises all your production, financial, inventory and sales data into a single user-friendly platform. So your entire team, from the sales rep to the production manager to the CNC operator, can see what’s in the pipeline. But Jobman goes beyond agenda screens.

Jobman automatically allocates jobs to achieve the most productivity possible using your production data, lead pipeline, and operational capacity.

Features of Jobman Project Management Software

Icon of a calendar and a clock

Job scheduling

Drag-and-drop target calendars make job scheduling simple. Shuffle jobs around (or lock them in place) and let Jobman do the maths on lead times. Flexible filtering and view options ensure you always know what’s going on in your business.

Icon of a computer screen displaying data

Agenda screens

Agenda screens make the workshop more productive and keep your team on task. When a job’s status changes, it automatically appears on the agenda screens, which can be displayed on smart TVs, tablets, computers or any web-connected screen.

Pencil and plans diagram icon

Capacity planning

Jobman solves the capacity planning puzzle using your assigned capacity. Using data from across the business, Jobman automatically schedules jobs to achieve the highest productivity with your resources.

Benefits of Jobman’s intelligent job management features

  • Automates time-consuming tasks
  • Removes human error from scheduling
  • Frees up hours of management time
  • Keeps your entire team focused on high-priority jobs
  • Eliminates trial and error

If you’re looking for a way to boost productivity, encourage collaboration and eliminate avoidable scheduling mistakes, then Jobman’s project management software for manufacturing is the answer. Job management is a complex puzzle. But with an intelligent ERP pulling data from across your entire operational horizon, you can solve the puzzle in no time.

Track & manage production with Jobman

Keeping track of every small step in a complex production process shouldn’t be a source of frustration. Jobman project management software automatically creates checklists, flows and lead times for new jobs. All you need to do is tell Jobman which type of job you’re running (for example, a kitchen cabinet or patio build), and the system populates a checklist. 

As your team completes tasks and logs their time, the job status automatically updates. This is displayed on the job bar chart. This transparent overview allows managers to see a snapshot of the entire business.

Job management for manufacturers has never been this transparent. With Jobman, a complete ERP Software application for modern manufacturers, you always know what’s going on across your business. You can spot bottlenecks before they occur, rearrange scheduling based on customer requirements and rest easy knowing every job is ticking along on schedule.