Dropbox integration for your manufacturing ERP

Manufacturers and cabinetmakers know the hassle of sending and storing large files. With Jobman, Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP, you get fast, secure access to all your drawing files through cloud storage integrations.

When you choose Dropbox as your file server, you get all the benefits of a leading cloud-based storage solution, combined with Jobman’s powerful productivity features.

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Local, remote, on-the-go: Access files anywhere

Jobman’s Dropbox cloud storage integration gives you flexible access to all your large files, no matter where you are. Thanks to the user-friendly browser-based software, your sales, drafting and production teams can collaborate in real-time.

It’s a simple way for your team to access all job-related information on demand.

Why integrate Dropbox and Jobman

Bringing Jobman and Dropbox together enables seamless file management with benefits across the board:

  • Better collaboration between teams
  • Never lose track of important files
  • Always secure and organised
  • Folder templates make file management easy
  • Local and remote access
  • Low-cost, no-hassle storage solution
  • Easily edit and send large files
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Transparent and organised

Jobman automatically sets you up with two files directories, Jobs and Leads. Each directory contains handy templates to keep your data organised. Within the Jobs and Leads directories, you can set up your own file management framework for CAD/CAM files, photos, PDFs, quotes and any other file type you need.

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Access large files anywhere

There are two ways to access important files: the tablet interface and the job itself. All changes synchronise in real-time, so your job data is always up-to-date whether you’re viewing from the operator level or getting an overview of the job in progress.

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Send and save on the go

Cloud-based systems give you the flexibility to access, share and edit files from any intranet or internet-connected device. And when you map Dropbox to your local drives, you can upload, save and access files from the office just like a regular folder.

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Trusted security

Dropbox uses SSL/TSL transfer systems with 128-bit or higher encryption. In plain English, which means your files are always protected from outside eyes. And thanks to Jobman’s 5-layer user security combined with an intelligent organisation system, you can trust your job information is never shared with (or by) the wrong people.

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Bringing Jobman ERP and Dropbox together

Integrating your cloud storage system with Jobman only takes a few minutes. We always recommend setting up a distinct Jobman user for Dropbox so you don’t risk files ending up in the wrong place. From there, intuitive templates make it easy to set up your first Lead or Job file.