Jobman Makes Capacity Planning Easy, Fast And Accurate

Capacity planning should be straightforward. Comparing incoming work against available resources – that’s all there is to it, right? But any Aussie manufacturer or cabinetmaker who has tried to manage capacity for a growing manufacturing business knows how quickly things get complex.

Jobman automates capacity planning for manufacturing, ensuring accurate, balanced scheduling across the production process. With Jobman, you can go a step further than simply scheduling to fill available space. You can optimise capacity planning for maximum productivity, minimal downtime and no unexpected overtime.

Automated capacity planning improves productivity, saves time and reduces costs. It also helps to reduce bottlenecks, giving manufacturers and cabinetmakers more capacity to grow the business.

All in all, intelligent capacity planning is one ERP feature you can’t afford to overlook.

Hear what our clients have to say

Benefits of Jobman’s Capacity Planning Software

  • Saves hours on capacity planning
  • Accurate job scheduling
  • Optimises your available resources
  • Streamlines drafting and production
  • Reduces overtime costs
  • Helps to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Flexible browser-based software can be accessed anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable calendar view
  • You set the parameters

Use labour centres to set capacity limits

Jobman automatically assigns jobs based on your predefined labour centres. In every labour centre – for example, an operator, design team or machine – you can set specific operations and how many hours that labour centre has available.

Let’s say you have a multi-skilled operator who can work a shaper, CNC router and belt sander. When a new job comes in, you can assign work to that person based on how much free time they have alongside other jobs.

That means you can optimise capacity without overloading a resource. And you can rearrange jobs to schedule similar jobs together, reducing wasted time and shortening production timelines.

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Simplified overview

Jobman’s user-friendly screens make capacity planning as easy as dragging and dropping jobs. All your upcoming work appears in a calendar overview, with flexible view options to show overlapping workstreams.

Because Jobman is ERP Software for manufacturers and cabinetmakers, the features are customised for busy operations. For example, you can filter the capacity view to show drafting and production simultaneously, making sure jobs can flow from one stage to the next without delay.

Improve productivity & reduce costs with Jobman

Jobman provides an end-to-end overview of your entire operation. Capacity planning is only one piece of the puzzle; to win new work, you need to know your inventory, logistics, production, and workforce are under control.

This is where a simplified ERP with capacity planning software for manufacturers is invaluable. Jobman works hard behind the scenes to combine all that operational data, so when you plan capacity into the future, you’re never caught out.

Data-driven automation frees up hours for busy manufacturers and cabinetmakers. Now you can focus on growing your business in the right direction and investing in new products and equipment.

Thank you and your team on our recent software integration.
It’s not often a company delivers what was promised and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. From the initial training session to seamless Xero and Dropbox integration we were up and running in a couple of weeks thanks to your Jobman Academy site.
I had been watching Jobman developments since seeing you at AWISA 2018, and although my company is small it was easy to validate this purchase and I now have every confidence in growing my business now that I have sorted out what was holding us back.
Keep up the great work.

Steve HillierNorthside Joinery

Hey I have been meaning for a while to email to say well done for what you have achieved with Jobman.
We are really ramping up our use and roll out of a lot of the features and processes and have to say its been a real treat getting things back into line with Jobman driving things.
Jake and I find our self-smiling at how things have come since we starting using it and working with you guys.
Through determination and hard work you guys have pulled it off, you have a great system that works very well. You guys should be super proud of what you have done.
Well done guys!

Philip McDonaldZeel Kitchens