Microvellum integration for your ERP

Jobman is Australia’s leading ERP for small and growing manufacturers. Together with the world’s favourite CAD/CAM solutions like Microvellum, Jobman enables manufacturers and cabinetmakers to get more productivity out of their equipment.

From quoting to design, production to payments, Jobman integrations provide end-to-end efficiency solutions.

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Helping your business grow

Jobman’s design and manufacturing features streamline every part of your operation. By integrating Microvellum, a trusted woodworking CAD and CAM solution, you can extend those benefits to every machine in your line.

Together, Jobman and Microvellum save time and improve productivity, so you can plan, track and grow your business.

The benefits of Jobman’s Microvellum integration

Integrating your CAD software and manufacturing ERP means end-to-end productivity and happier customers:

  • Fast, accurate, professional quotes
  • Streamlined supplier orders
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Save time on every job
  • Improve efficiency on the shop floor
  • Better cost management and forecasting
  • End-to-end data transparency
  • Easy file sharing
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Control prices, increase profit

Integrating your CAD/CAM software with Jobman brings your materials library into your ERP, synchronising price and cost data for accuracy and planning purposes. When pricing is consistent between the two systems, you can quote jobs more accurately, forecast profits, order with confidence and track job costs in real-time. Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP removes the guesswork.

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Better team collaboration

Improve the way sales, drafting technicians and the shop floor work together thanks to real-time file synching in Jobman. Your team can make amends to job files, share important documents securely, store images, update work orders and more in Jobman. The revised files sync to your job management screens, so everyone is on the same page. Reduce mistakes, remove waste and improve productivity with one integration.

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Real-time data synchronisation

Jobman centralises data from every corner of your operation. In one simple, user-friendly software application, you have access to all your essential information, including stock levels, incoming jobs, materials prices and job productivity. With all that integrated data, you can make better business decisions and streamline workflows.

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Track and manage every job

Integrating your CAM software with Jobman provides a better view of work in progress. Every job is easier to manage with Microvellum’s intelligent productivity features for manufacturing, cabinetmaking and joinery work, plus Jobman’s end-to-end data transparency. Plus, your materials, suppliers and pricing data are all organised efficiently. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes on your business.

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Integrations make manufacturing more productive

Jobman and Microvellum integrate in minutes. Connecting the two systems only requires permission the first time, then you’re away. You can synchronise parts and material data, keep track of pricing, manage jobs in the pipeline, improve production efficiency, and much more.

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Get local help when you need it

Jobman’s support team is always on hand to help you integrate and operate our industry-leading ERP software. Our experience in the cabinetmaking industry is your advantage. We can help solve problems, optimise systems and get more from your machines. Contact us to request a tailored consultation with your local ERP specialist.