Fast, Accurate Purchase Order Handling

Jobman’s automated purchasing features eliminate several steps and improve order accuracy, saving manufacturers and cabinetmakers time, money and stress. With Jobman, you can easily track every order and quickly filter through your data to see the status of all your POs. 

Plus, it’s easy to sync purchase data in every direction. From your supplier’s online order system to your warehouse, accounting software and job operations, Jobman streamline every part of the production process.

Jobman, an ERP for Australian manufacturers and cabinetmakers, makes generating purchase orders, tracking finances and receiving stock incredibly simple.

Benefits of Jobman’s Powerful Purchase Order Management Software Features

  • Save hours on PO status requests
  • End-to-end transparency across the supply chain
  • Generate purchase orders from quotes
  • Eliminate double-handling and human error
  • Save hours on purchase orders
  • Improve PO accuracy
  • Better supplier relationships
  • Streamlined stock control

More Than Buying Power

Jobman’s purchasing features do more than generate stock orders. The powerfully simple system brings all your operational data together, so you have total transparency over your operations, finances and inventory. 

With just a few clicks, you can go from an approved quote to sending a purchase order or even ordering through your supplier’s online system. And with Jobman’s flexible filtering parameters, you can easily keep track of outstanding, in-progress and completed orders.

Icon of a mobile syncing with the cloud

Synchronise With Accounting Software

Jobman improves collaboration between ordering, inventory, operations and back-office teams. Synchronising purchasing data with your accounting software cuts out several time-consuming steps, eliminates double data entry and simplifies financial management. 

Your payroll team will thank you for it.

Icon of a CSV file

Create CSV Files For Web Orders

Jobman knows your operation almost as well as you do. Material ordering data stored in Jobman can be easily exported into a CSV file based on job specs. You can then upload the CSV file into your supplier’s online ordering system to populate a purchase order without needing to double-up on data entry.

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Automated Data Intelligence

Jobman saves manufacturers and cabinetmakers hours on every job by automating many of the steps involved in quoting, ordering and invoicing:

  • Generate professional quotes in a few clicks
  • Turn approved quotes into invoices and job specs
  • Use quote data to create a purchase order instantly
  • Update inventory records with completed purchase orders

From quote to order is just a few clicks with an intelligent ERP that adapts to your manufacturing operation.

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Filter For Easier Purchase Tracking

Manufacturing is a complex industry. At any one time, you might have dozens of purchase orders in the books. Manually tracking all these purchases is a nightmare – especially when supply chain disruptions create delays or partial fulfillments.

Jobman keeps a clear record of all your active and completed purchases. You can sort and filter by the job, supplier, status, order type, order date and many more parameters. With Jobman, looking up order statuses takes minutes, not hours.

End-To-End Productivity Benefits

Jobman is the leading ERP for small and growing manufacturers and cabinetmakers. Powerfully simple features like purchasing save hours on every job while also improving accuracy and collaboration. There are so many benefits across every part of your business that you’ll wonder how you ever went without Jobman.