Cloud storage integrations for Jobman, Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP

The cloud is no longer the future of business: it’s the here and now. Jobman is a cloud-based manufacturing ERP. Together with the world’s leading file storage solutions, we’re delivering productivity for small and growing manufacturers.

Integrating your ERP and file storage solution enables transparency, security and collaboration like you wouldn’t believe. Store, edit, save and share files anywhere, with the confidence of the world’s biggest technology names and Australia’s leading ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers.

Jobman integrates with Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

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Google Drive

Flexible storage solutions and business productivity software in one. Easily share and edit virtually any file on the go with Google Drive and Jobman.

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Microsoft OneDrive

Powerful, familiar and accessible: Jobman and Microsoft OneDrive are a great match. Manage, sync and share job and lead files without any hassle.

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Large file storage with the simplicity of a leading cloud storage solution. With Dropbox, you can securely share files, including back to the shop floor.

Other Integrations

  • Amazon S3
  • FTP

Keep track of the important stuff

Manufacturing and cabinetmaking businesses rely on large files to get the job done. Until now, it’s taken a lot of time, energy and maintenance costs to move those files around. But with Jobman’s streamlined integrations, you can store, share, access and edit files anywhere.

  • Better collaboration between teams
  • Files are always up to date
  • Securely share files with customers and suppliers
  • Edit documents on the go
  • Complete control over access and editing power
  • Transparency across all your jobs
  • Always secure, always accessible
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How Jobman’s cloud storage integrations work

Cloud storage solutions are an affordable, flexible way to organise your important documents. With Jobman, you get even better access. For starters, Jobman automatically creates dedicated Lead and Job folders so you can manage files more easily. And with real-time syncing between your file storage and job management module, your drafting and production teams are always working from the latest documents.

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Jobman manufacturing ERP: Plan, track and grow your business

Connecting Jobman to your preferred file storage system takes only a few minutes. But the benefits will continue to pay out for a long time. Jobman integrations bring your team together, enable more productive customer and supplier relationships, and inform better business decisions.

Find out what else your manufacturing ERP can do by exploring Jobman’s powerful features.