Boost your factory floor performance with Jobman’s Kiosk

Jobman’s Kiosk interface provides factory workers with an easy-to-navigate layout, so they can access the information they need.  This layout provides enough information for the user to do their job, while limiting access to sensitive client and company information.

Kiosk Dashboard

Agenda Screens

These displays work to be carried out in labour centres. This mobile-friendly, responsive design will work on smartphones, tablets, computer screens, or other browsers.

Recent Tasks

View, edit, and update recent tasks you have currently been working on.


Great for site staff to know where they’re going or confirm a delivery time.

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Location maps


Search Leads by Status and Type, Name or wild card search.

  • Lead Specification
  • File Attachments
  • Sales Person


Search Jobs by Status and Type, Name and many other searchable fields.

  • Files, access attachments like CAD Drawings
  • Alerts
  • Tasks
  • Picking Lists
  • Job Information


See all active tasks and if dates are being met.

  • Log on to tasks that are assigned to you
  • Create Alerts
  • Access files


Access all reported issues and see images and description to resolve.

  • Assigned Alerts
  • Job they are related to
  • See, download, or upload images

Purchase Orders

Prevent continual upstream interruptions by providing factory floor staff with the information they need to keep moving forward.

  • See all active Purchases Orders and items contained within
  • See activity on Purchase Order history


See what’s on hand and what’s available.

  • Picking lists. Check off items as they are removed from inventory

Integra Systems

A good choice of interface for your factory floor is the Integra K4.0 kiosk, which is available through our partners at Integra Systems.  Our Kiosk layout has been tested and designed to integrate seamlessly with the Integra Systems hardware.


See more about the K4.0 here