Integrating autokitchen CAD software and Jobman ERP

Jobman integrations connect CAD and CAM software to Australia’s leading cabinetmaking and manufacturing ERP, improving productivity and reducing waste right across the supply chain.

Integrations are just one way our best-in-class ERP helps cabinetmakers plan, track and grow their business.

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A simple way to work better

Jobman and autokitchen provide a simplified, streamlined way to manage production. From quoting to job scheduling, drafting, machining and finishing, every step is simplified with your ERP and CAD/CAM software working together.

Two powerful tools designed to simplify joinery and cabinetmaking jobs. There’s a lot to like about Jobman’s autokitchen integration.

Benefits of integrating autokitchen and Jobman

  • Save time on quotes, production and more
  • Jobs delivered faster
  • End-to-end transparency over your business
  • Better supplier relationships
  • Improved collaboration in your teams
  • Happier customers
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced waste and errors
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Synchronise catalogues

Integrating autokitchen and Jobman brings your cabinetry catalogue details together. When you quote for a job using autokitchen price data, schedule work, order material, or make design changes, everyone in your team stays updated. Synchronising catalogues only takes a few minutes, and you can push updates in either direction with simple .csv exports.

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Simplify job management

Quoting and re-quoting take up hours of a cabinetmaker’s time. For small teams and sole traders, that lost time equals lost revenue. But with Jobman and autokitchen working together, quoting and design work are simplified, saving hours on every job. Create and amend kitchen, bathroom and cabinet designs in autokitchen and sync the changes to Jobman, where powerful job management features streamline the next steps.

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Better team collarboration

Using autokitchen and Jobman, your drafting technicians and designers can communicate with production staff for more productive job handling. Everyone has the latest files at their fingertips wherever they are, reducing data entry and removing human error in one. Your entire team will thank you for integrating your CAD and ERP software.

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Total transparency

Jobman integrations allow you to step back from the minutiae and look across your entire operation. With real-time data flowing into a centralised platform, you can see jobs in the pipeline, lead progress, real-time operation information, stock levels and more. With this transparency across your business, you can find ways to improve productivity and plan for growth.

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Unbeatable productivity for growing businesses

Jobman gives manufacturers and cabinetmakers the tools to grow their business. Integrations like autokitchen unlock even more productivity by cutting time on every job while improving results. Australia’s leading ERP for cabinetmaking and joinery work, plus your preferred design software, adds up to a wise business decision.

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Local support when you need it

Our local support technicians are on call when you need a hand. Whether it’s setting up your autokitchen integration, finding production bottlenecks, creating quotes or anything else to do with Jobman, we’re here to help. Because at Jobman, we know the value of working together.