CAD And CAM To ERP Integrations For Jobman

Jobman’s CAD/CAM ERP integrations make it easy for busy manufacturers and cabinetmakers to plan, track and manage complex jobs. Jobman integrates with the industry’s favourite design and manufacturing software, giving cabinetmakers an advantage.

Discover the productivity benefits of Jobman and your preferred CAD/CAM software. Request a one-on-one consultation to see how integrations can save you time and boost productivity.


With your catalogues and price data synchronised between your Jobman ERP and CAD software, you can quote with confidence and deliver better work. Jobman’s auto kitchen integration is streamlined and simple; just what you need to grow.

Cabinet Vision

Every job is easier from start to finish with Jobman and Cabinet Vision working together. Create quotes from helpful templates, and turn those quotes into. ORD files and streamline production workflows with collaboration features.


Get complete control over your business with Jobman’s custom CabMaster integration. By linking ERP and CAD/CAM software, you can pull data from across your business. Plan, track and manage every job with confidence.


Total transparency, end-to-end efficiency and real-time job tracking. Those are just a few ways our Microvellum integration helps cabinetmakers grow their business. So take a peek under the hood and see for yourself how it works.

Winner Flex

Powerfully simple woodworking solutions and simplified quoting tools enable you to save time and increase productivity. Integrating Winner Flex and Jobman allows small and growing cabinetmakers to get more done in less time.


Jobman’s CAD/CAM integrations simplify the way manufacturers and cabinetmakers get work done.

Bring The Best of Both Worlds Together

Jobman’s CAD/CAM ERP software integrations do more than combine catalogue data. Although, the ability to quote in minutes and track jobs in real-time is a significant win for woodworkers, cabinetmakers and manufacturers.

  • Accurate pricing data
  • Updated availability charts
  • Streamlined purchase ordering
  • Simple, fast, accurate quotes
  • Never lose job files
  • Better collaboration between design and production
  • Productivity benefits across the supply chain

Get More Out of Your Tools

Integrating Jobman ERP with your preferred CAD/CAM platform only takes a few minutes. With the integration set up, you can see productivity benefits almost instantly. Imagine saving hours on every job while also getting more control over every area of your business.

That’s what Jobman does for small and growing cabinetmakers and manufacturers. So what will your team do with all that extra time?