Simplified staff management

Jobman, an ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers, makes timesheets easy for your entire workforce while also providing real-time data for management to make better business decisions. 

Timesheets are a headache for any manufacturer without an ERP. Jobman solves the timesheet issue right out of the box, with easy time tracking, remote timesheet logging and time-saving automations. You can forget about lost or late timesheets, double data entry or human error.

But the software can help you do much more. Because Jobman centralises data from your entire operation, you can use Time and Attendance data to track, plan and produce more efficiently. Save time, reduce error and improve productivity across your business with one user-friendly system for your whole team.

Benefits of Jobman’s Workforce Management Feature

  • Simple, secure timesheet entry
  • Log in from anywhere
  • Track time against job operations
  • Accountability and visibility
  • See what all active staff are currently working on
  • Real-time job cost reporting
  • Track overtime easily
  • Sync quotes, operations and timesheet data
  • Auto-allocate time from approved quotes
  • One-step timesheet approval
  • Hassle-free time off requests
  • Eliminate human error, missing information and double data entry

Digital timesheets your team will actually enjoy using

There’s nothing more frustrating than chasing down missing timesheets. And trying to read the handwriting when it finally comes in – no thanks!

We recently gave Jobman a significant overhaul, including an even better user interface. Submitting and modifying digital timesheets is easy, fast and secure, with drag and drop functionality and remote login from any connected device.

Icon of a hand holding a stopwatch

Track time against job operation

Tracking time against job operations (e.g. drafting, edging, assembly) in Jobman makes your team accountable for their time. Unlike tracking against job numbers, you can see exactly how much time each operation requires, monitor overtime and reduce costs.

Icon of a person working remotely

Remote access for your team

Jobman’s workforce management software is accessible from any internet or intranet-connected device. Wherever your team are, they can check off tasks in the Time and Attendance module. Geolocation features enable management to see where timesheets were submitted, while custom user levels and state-of-the-art security protect your team’s privacy

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Automatic data syncing saves hours

Jobman is packed with intelligent features designed to save manufacturers and cabinetmakers hours on each job. With the Time and Attendance feature, you get much more than a simple timesheet app:

  • Generate instant, accurate job cost reports
  • Track progress and costs in real-time
  • Timesheet data automatically flows into your accounting software
  • Time and Attendance updates sync to operations (agenda screens and job scheduling)
  • Automatically calculates for awards, overtime and pay rates

You can even allocate time-based on approved quotes. Quoting, capacity planning and time management come together in Jobman, a single simplified ERP with workforce management software for manufacturers.

Jobman founder Aaron and Ben

Jobman is your end-to-end productivity partner

Jobman is loaded with productivity features for manufacturers and cabinetmakers. One intelligent ERP can replace all your outdated legacy systems, bringing your workforce together for the first time. Improve productivity, reduce waste and bring in more business with Jobman, Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP.