Analysis in real time, take control with Jobman ERP

Only powerful software can give meaningful analytics in unified reports.

Jobman is an end-to-end ERP that has the ability to measure real-time profitability against your quotes, see your Lead conversion rate, run on the fly stock takes and so much more…

Benefits of Jobman’s Reporting tools

  • Critical business insights
  • Real time data
  • Flexible, unified reporting content
  • Informed decision making
  • Streamlined communication
  • Identify bottlenecks
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Create insights

Jobman currently offers an array of reports that cover all your business requirements, that can be saved and sent in many formats.

  • A list view of upcoming jobs – Agenda Screens
  • Centralise your error reporting in real time – Alerts
  • A complete data base of products you buy from your suppliers – Availability Chart
  • Deep dive into your client base CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Keep up to date with warehouse control – Deliveries
  • Drill into time spent on jobs (who, what, when) – Effort
  • Net profit percentage per job – Financial Report
  • Review an overview of sales – Invoices
  • Generate WIP reports – Jobs
  • Generate an overview of appliance information – Job Appliance Details
  • Keep all relevant emails in the one spot – Job Correspondence
  • Drill into your current opportunities – Leads
  • Detailed report of supplier orders – Purchase Order Items
  • Review your outstanding potential sales – Quotes

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