Better customer service and smoother sales with Jobman CRM Software

Jobman’s intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) Software features for the manufacturing industry enable you to win more business and better serve existing customers. With 360° real-time data intelligence, your team can take customer service to the next level.

Jobman is a manufacturing ERP software designed for manufacturers and cabinetmakers who rely on loyal customers and a steady stream of new business. From the first enquiry to quoting, job specs, production, delivery and after-sales support, you can track and manage the entire journey in one place and plan more confidently.

Our simplified solution provides a real-time view of your entire operation in a user-friendly platform you can access from any device. With Jobman, your team is fully prepared for every opportunity.

Benefits of Jobman’s integrated CRM Software

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Customer satisfaction

Happy customers are good for business. Jobman’s end-to-end visibility gives you all the information you need to deliver personalised, professional service. Keep customers happy and impress new contacts to grow your business in the right direction.

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Close more sales

Create professional quotes in minutes and manage the lead process more efficiently. All the information you need is right at your fingertips. Plus, automated features like email alerts help streamline the process from first contact to a signed contract, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

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CRM software made for manufacturers

Jobman goes beyond traditional CRM functionality to provide tailored solutions for manufacturers and cabinetmakers. For example, you can categorise contacts (like builders, contractors and suppliers) and define area types (kitchens, wardrobes, patios) with intelligent features that control design specifications.

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Grow existing accounts

With Jobman, you get to know your customers to a new level. End-to-end data visibility means you can call up past orders, spot opportunities in existing accounts, cross-sell and upsell without breaking a sweat. And with multiple contacts available  for each account, you can personalise every conversation to add value.

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Find opportunities

With all your production and customer data in one place, you can identify opportunities to add new products or services, increase production capacity or follow up with a high-potential customer. Grow your business with confidence and add value to every customer interaction.

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Accurate business planning

Total data transparency means you go into every customer interaction with a clear picture of your capacity. Jobman centralises all your data in one simplified system, so you can plan, track and manage your business more confidently.

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Secure customer data

Keeping third-party data secure is vital. Even the smallest data leak can destroy a customer’s confidence in your professionalism and expose your business to risk. That’s why we built Jobman with 5 levels of user security, so you can decide who has access to what data. Plus, our system is protected by the same strict security protocols as the biggest software providers on the market, keeping all your data secure.

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Streamlined service from first contact to after-sales support

Jobman’s CRM functionality helps manufacturers and cabinetmakers to manage the customer lifecycle more efficiently. With all your production and customer data in one user- friendly cloud-based ERP, plus automated features that free up time, every part of your business benefits from 360° data intelligence.

Hey I have been meaning for a while to email to say well done for what you have achieved with Jobman.

We are really ramping up our use and roll out of a lot of the features and processes and have to say its been a real treat getting things back into line with Jobman driving things.

Jake and I find our self-smiling at how things have come since we starting using it and working with you guys.

Through determination and hard work you guys have pulled it off, you have a great system that works very well. You guys should be super proud of what you have done.

Well done guys!


Philip McDonaldZeel Kitchens

Thank you and your team on our recent software integration.
It’s not often a company delivers what was promised and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. From the initial training session to seamless Xero and Dropbox integration we were up and running in a couple of weeks thanks to your site
I had been watching Jobman developments since seeing you at AWISA 2018, and although my company is small it was easy to validate this purchase and I now have every confidence in growing my business now that I have sorted out what was holding us back.

Keep up the great work.

Steve HillierNorthside Joinery