Jobman ERP links with other business solutions such as your accounting or drawing package. Sharing data through Integrations enables time-saving automation and provides a unified view of your entire operation. 

Everyone is on the same page: Sales, Production, Accounts, Operations and Management are all working from transparent, reliable real-time data.

Removing information silos and synchronising data makes your business more efficient. For small, growing, and established manufacturers alike, our integrations are designed to free up time so you can focus on making great products – and more profit. 

Jobman features more than 10 integrations with the industry’s leading platforms, enabling your team to work together better than ever.

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Accounting software is mission-critical whether you’re a one-man cabinetmaking operation or a big, complex operation (or somewhere in between). By syncing data between your accounting platform and Jobman, you can make the financial side of the business much more straightforward.

Automated syncing, error-free timesheets, easy leave application, no more double handling: these are just a few of the benefits. Setup is simple, and the bottom-line gains are significant.

Jobman integrates with Australia’s most popular accounting platforms.

  • Automated invoicing 
  • Outstanding payment reminders
  • Time and attendance sync
  • Sync contacts in real-time
  • Manage cashflow
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  • Access important files locally or remotely
  • Move, email and share files through Jobman
  • World-class security
  • Free up local server space

Cloud Storage

Jobman is a cloud-based solution – just like our file server integrations. When you store Lead and Job files on a secure cloud server, you can rest assured they are always safe and available on demand.

Cloud storage reduces the load on local servers, especially for those bigger drawing files. You can still access the files anywhere you have the file server app installed. Plus, you can securely share selected files or folders, move files through Jobman, and arrange a folder structure that suits you.

Folder templates make setup a breeze, no matter which of the world’s leading cloud servers you prefer.

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CAD and CAM programs are the backbone of any manufacturing or cabinetmaking business. There are loads out there to choose from. That’s why our catalogue of CAD integrations is extensive (and constantly growing).

Integrating Jobman and your preferred CAD/CAM program allows you to keep a close eye on popular items. In short, it means less manual effort – and no more guesswork.

Jobman integrates with the leading CAD and CAM programs, unlocking productivity and streamlining every single job.

  • Product tracking 
  • Automated capacity planning
  • Work better with suppliers and customers
  • 6 of the best CAD/CAM programs
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