Intelligent inventory control for manufacturers & cabinetmakers

Inventory control is a complex – and mission-critical – piece of the production puzzle. Using a manufacturing ERP like Jobman, you can cut inventory costs, improve traceability and streamline processes from quoting through to dispatch.

Jobman provides end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. And with powerful features like automated ordering and two-way data synchronisation, you can track every piece of stock coming in and out.

Take back control of your inventory with a simple, user-friendly ERP, and get more visibility across your entire operation.

Benefits of Jobman’s inventory control features

  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Eliminate human error
  • Improve traceability
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Make better business decisions
  • Build better supplier relationships

Inventory control made easy

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Availability charts

Jobman’s availability chart is the go-to component for streamlined stock ordering. 

  • Import and export availability by CSV
  • Set up to 3 suppliers per product
  • Each supplier has its own prices and codes

Define minimum stock levels to receive automated alerts when you’re running low. By centralising all your production data, Jobman can pull information from quotes and capacity planning to alert you ahead of time. 

From there, Jobman automatically populates a purchase order. You only need to approve the PO, and it will be on the way to the supplier. Automating purchasing based on minimum stock levels means you’re never caught short and your suppliers receive professional, accurate purchase orders.

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Warehouse items

Quickly find where your raw materials are located and see how much you have in stock, so you can confidently schedule jobs without risking a shortage.

  • Use availability charts to set stock levels
  • Instantly add received POs as warehouse items
  • See what stock is assigned to a job
  • Check off picking lists automatically

Jobman takes the human error out of warehouse management, stock-on-hand and order picking. Manual warehouse control takes too much time and results in double-counting, missed stock or uncounted orders. 

With Jobman, even complex operations are simplified. When stock moves, you see it in real-time. Data syncs across your end-to-end ERP, so you always have an accurate picture of your entire operation.

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Populate raw materials

Jobman seamlessly brings your operational data together. That means you can populate raw material from several areas, reducing time spent checking and controlling inventory.

  • Approved quotes
  • In-progress jobs
  • CAD/CAM software
  • Availability chart information 
  • Warehouse items

With a better picture of your raw material, you can make more informed business decisions. Plan, track and produce with the confidence that you have what you need to fulfil customer orders on time and on budget.

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You can count on Jobman

Jobman is an ERP for small and growing manufacturers and cabinetmakers. With one powerfully simple software, you can take back control of inventory, production, warehousing, ordering and more.

Never lose sight of your business and save hours on every job. With this kind of data-driven efficiency, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without Jobman.