CabMaster cabinetmaking software ERP integration

CabMaster is one of Australia’s best cabinetmaking solutions for small and growing businesses. That means it’s a perfect match for Jobman, the leading cabinetmaking and joinery ERP. Jobman’s integrations bring together data from operations, quotes and sales, stock, suppliers, customers and more, for end-to-end transparency.

With CabMaster and Jobman working together, manufacturers and cabinetmakers can do more in less time.

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Faster, more accurate jobs with CabMaster and Jobman

Integrating your cabinetmaking software and manufacturing ERP improves efficiency and reduces errors. Together, that means boosting your bottom line. With a range of powerful productivity features, Jobman enables you to plan, track and grow your business.

The benefits of integrating CabMaster and Jobman

Bringing Jobman and CabMaster together has benefits far beyond designing and manufacturing more efficiently:

  • Accurate price data
  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Better collaboration between sales, drafting and production
  • Streamline quoting
  • Simplified file storage
  • Cabinet library is always up-to-date
  • Draw data from ERP and CAD/CAM processes
  • End-to-end operational view
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Easy quoting

Synchronising your availability charts between Jobman and CabMaster means quoting is faster and more accurate. Using Jobman’s helpful quote templates, you can quickly populate a new quote using specs and price data pulled from CabMaster. You can even edit line items, prices and percentages for total control over your quotes.

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Simplified stock control

Jobman syncs data from across your operation. Approved quotes become invoices and purchase orders, which then updates your job scheduling once material arrives from suppliers. Integrating CabMaster and Jobman means it all happens automatically. You hardly need to lift a finger to see the software synchronise product availability, job cost, margin and in-demand materials.

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Consistent pricing

The only thing worse than accidentally overcharging is undercharging. By integrating Jobman and CabMaster, all your price data is consistent, from initial quotes to financial reporting. Updating price data in either system is easy. Synchronising parts pricing is critical for cabinetmakers who want to grow their business and make more profitable products.

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Track job files

Jobman’s powerful ERP features enable your team to work better together by automatically updating changed job files. Integrating CabMaster and Jobman means you can securely store and edit job files. As a result, drafting technicians can make amendments and production staff always have the latest files available. That means less error risk, no double data entry, and improved collaboration across your business.

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Get the best of both worlds with Jobman

Australia’s leading ERP for manufacturing, cabinetmaking and joinery work gets even better with integrations. Combining Jobman and your CAD/CAM software, financial software or cloud storage solution enables more productivity, less wasted time, better collaboration and smoother production.

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Jobman is here to help

Our support team is always nearby when you need a hand. With Jobman as your ERP, you get the benefit of a local team who really know your industry – because we spent years working on the shop floor before creating Jobman. Get in touch today for a customised demonstration.