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Manufacturers, cabinetmakers and carpenters who shy away from ERP software are missing the biggest growth opportunities.

So, let’s flip the thinking. Rather than believing:

We’re too small for ERP software.

Internalise this instead:

We won’t get bigger without ERP software.

How does ERP help small manufacturing businesses grow?

Implementing an ERP is the key to unlocking more productivity, sustainable business growth and higher profit margins.

Here are six ways small manufacturers and cabinetmakers can grow at a steady pace. 

1. ERP software increases productivity

Small businesses and sole traders often struggle to run the business because they’re too busy doing the work.

Every time a parts order holds up production, or a bottleneck delays a finished order, or material goes missing in the warehouse, or a machine has idle capacity – opportunities to add value are missed.

With end-to-end data transparency, automated intelligence and a holistic view of the business, ERP software enables you to get more done in the same amount of time (and with the same resources).

2. Provides 360° view of business operations

Small businesses often run on a latticework of accounting software, calendar apps, spreadsheets and manual back-office processes.

ERP software replaces many of these systems and integrates the others, providing 360° transparency across the value chain. 

Disconnected systems are suddenly rolled into a single simplified platform.

ERP software takes the guesswork and human error out of running a business. You don’t need to go chasing data when the answers are accessible from any browser-enabled device.

3. Make data-driven decisions

You can bet your competition is using real-time production data, sales reports and historical trends to make decisions about their growth trajectory.

Reliable, up to date data is the basis for any smart business decision.

For example, you can use data to:

ERP software simplifies the way you access and use data. 

By pulling information from across your business and presenting it in a user-friendly, customisable interface, ERP software shows you where to invest in growth.

4. Achieve agility with ERP

Australia’s manufacturing and cabinetmaking industries are changing. To survive, small businesses need the tools that help them adapt to emerging trends and increased competition.

These tools include:

The right ERP software allows you to test new products and services with the confidence of data and the real-time feedback of an integrated business management platform.

5. Promote quality control

Without an ERP, it’s tricky to identify recurring defects. Especially when they show up in different contexts, or at different stages in the value chain.

But with Jobman’s error alerts, traceability, and comprehensive job management functionality, you can track all kinds of defects, errors and installer damage.

Error reporting with ERP software is simple. And thanks to the flexible, customisable interface, you can trace issues to the source to ensure they don’t happen again.

Stay ahead of the competition with ERP software for small and growing businesses

Jobman is an ERP software designed to support small, mid-sized and growing manufacturers and cabinetmakers.

Our tailored implementation and flexible pricing structure gives you the right tools to expand at your own pace.

Contact the Jobman team for a demo today.

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