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Embracing digital transformation is a critical step for any growing business. And at the heart of every scalable, accessible, and (most importantly) effective digital transformation program is ERP software.

ERP software enables employees, managers, back-office teams and shop floor staff to get more done. 

Behind the scenes, ERP software links your entire operational ecosystem, providing intelligent, easily understandable insights you can use to make business decisions.

First things first: What is ‘digital transformation’?

Go back three decades, and the idea of digital transformation meant shifting from paper to computer-based processes. Replacing manual workflows with digital tools.

In 2022, digital transformation is more about using technology to transform your business than digitising your Rolodex.

Digital transformation relies on integrated business management tools like ERP software to boost productivity, reduce waste, improve customer relationships and optimise the value chain.

Why digital transformation is make-or-break for Australian manufacturers of all sizes

Increased competition

Australian manufacturers and cabinetmakers compete in a global market. Every productivity gain, and every cost saving, is an edge over the competition.


Customers are demanding bespoke solutions more and more. Digital transformation solutions like ERP software, process automation and cloud-based computing enable manufacturers to create personalised products without losing their margin.

Accuracy at speed

To remain competitive and profitable, manufacturers need to eliminate flaws and inefficiencies. Digital transformation – using data from across the organisation to inform decisions – is the key to this kind of continuous improvement. 

How ERP software enables digital transformation in manufacturing

Find new value opportunities

Manufacturers can analyse customer data, test new products, assess costs and compare margins to decide which growth opportunities are worth pursuing. 

Respond to customer demands

Integrated CRM functionality in ERP software provides manufacturers with the tools and support to manage customers while also keeping an eye on the business overall. 

Optimise the most complex production lines

ERP software pulls data from across your operation into a single simplified system. With complete transparency and real-time production data, you can spot bottlenecks and optimise production to boost profits.

Reduce human error

There are many features in ERP software designed to reduce human error:

There are various things that computers can’t do (like make business decisions), but they can be an immense help in reducing silly mistakes.

Automate time-consuming processes

ERP software frees up time for employees at every level to pursue value-adding opportunities instead of spending their time on repeatable tasks. 

Just like CAD software makes designing easier, ERP software makes business management more productive.

Future-ready your production 

There’s no such thing as future proof. The world is too unpredictable, and it changes too fast.

But by investing in ERP software that enables flexibility and data-driven decision making, you can prepare your business for whatever comes next while optimising productivity today.

Is your business ready for ERP software?

Modern ERP software scales with your business, helping it to grow in the right direction. ERP software is not only for big companies with complex operations.

If you feel like your business has hit a ceiling, or you’re struggling to juggle the demands of running a growing business, it’s probably time to implement an end-to-end ERP.

True digital transformation comes from simplifying your business processes with flexible, powerful ERP software that supports sustainable growth.

Contact Jobman for a consultation to find out how our industry-leading ERP and local team can support your digital transformation.

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