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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has benefits up and down your business and all the way across the value chain.

But what about the back office?

Accounting is one of the essential functions that, like sales and marketing, take your business from surviving to thriving.

Jobman, an ERP system made for the manufacturing industry, integrates with leading accounting software to free up time. The benefits are amortised acutely and over time, with a measurable impact on your business’ bottom line and employee satisfaction.

1. Easy, detailed reporting

Standalone accounting software is fine for basic reporting—balance sheets, income statements, supplier costs. But with an integrated ERP, you can use richer data to forecast cash flow, find productivity opportunities, cut unnecessary costs, identify which products bring in the most profit…the list goes on.

Your ERP system provides rich data. The accounting software coughs up financial figures. Together, the possibilities for an ambitious Accounts team are manifold, and financial reporting is so simple.

2. Advanced automation

Connecting your accounting software to an ERP system streamlines a lot of manual processes, like:

  • Timesheets
  • Managing pay rates
  • Calculating leave
  • Reconciling invoices
  • Chasing up late payment
  • Synchronising contacts

Automating tedious accounting tasks frees up several hours every month. With Jobman and Xero, the data flows back and forth automatically so you can track financial transactions more efficiently.

3. Delete duplicate data entry

Maintaining separate systems, even if they are easy to use, involves some level of data re-entry. Whether that means exporting reports from one system to upload into another or copying each record across individually, the double handling is (let’s face it) a waste of time.

Integrating ERP and accounting removes the need for double data entry. Not only will that cut wasted hours, but it also reduces the risk of stuff-ups in the process.

4. Eliminate errors

Manual data entry is rife with potential for errors:

  • Duplicate entries
  • Missing records
  • Commas in the wrong place
  • Costs against the wrong code or supplier
  • Accidentally deleting or saving over files
  • Calculation mistakes

An ERP system reduces these errors by automating many of the manual entry tasks. Plus, you can see who made changes, lock permissions, and access detailed transaction records.

5. Keep calm and take control

Control across your business is precisely what Jobman, a manufacturing ERP, is made for. So it makes sense that Jobman gives back control of the financial aspects as well.

  • Integrated timesheet tracking
  • Job productivity reporting
  • Support for data-driven decision making
  • Inventory control
  • Quotes and invoices made easy

As well as reducing the workload, an ERP with integrated accounting gives you control to direct the business towards the best opportunities.

6. Total transparency

Accurate, reliable data when you need it. That’s the dream, right? Having access to important data enables the kind of agile decision making that moves your business forward.

Of course, you want to control who has access to what data. Jobman has a solution to control access on the account level so you can give employees access to everything they need without worrying that something will go wrong.

Jobman and Xero: integrated, with great results

What do you get when you cross an ERP system made for Australian manufacturers with the leading accounting software for SMEs? An end-to-end solution to balance your business, more than just your books.

Integrating Jobman and Xero provides businesses using our solution with a complete business management suite. Benefit from centralised data, accessible from anywhere, with highly customisable features that flex and grow your business.

Find out more about Jobman and Xero on our website.

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