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Jobman has a subscription model starting at $3,750 AU deposit and $300 per month ongoing or $15,000 upfront and $1,500 annual support and maintenance which includes 4hrly backup of your Jobman site and monthly updates of purchased features. We will also set up your site with your company logo and populate your staff, client and supplier list into the backend when supplied to us in the correct format.
Jobman is not a one size fits all product. With an ever-expanding array of features, clients can purchase features as required. Our licensing is very affordable where we do not charge for factory staff; these employees can access touch screens for viewing job-relevant data, tracking their time on the job, and uploading site information and alerts (including photos).ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software stands to be the most significant and positive investment decision that you might make. While this may seem a bold statement, it is common knowledge amongst business coaches and business owners that own multiple successful companies. Taking advantage of the developments in the technology of the modern era is only made possible through relevant and powerful software.
The purchase and integration of good machinery and software for most were rewarded with profit margins paralleled with the foresight to do so. Early adopters of technology realised quickly that increases inefficiencies in these areas highlighted how inefficient many of their other systems and processes were.

You might be reading this because you understand that your business could be more efficient. Where and how can constraints/bottlenecks be solved? When one constraint is resolved the next will appear, so on and so forth. This continuous process of improvement will keep your company competitive and profitable. Incremental changes resulting in increased efficiency is the theory of lean management sometimes referred to as the 5 S’s. The increased efficiencies will result in increased profits and control over your business when properly implemented and executed.

If you are not identifying constraints and solving them, your business might be growing while your profit margins may be diminishing. Understanding why this might be happening can be a real ah-ha moment. Simply put, as your business grows, so to do your problems and unless resolved will continue to eat into your profit margins.

Implementing factory management software is always best done proactively rather than reactively. Purchasing the right software for your business can be a daunting task the first time around. This is why we want to make sure you only have to do it once; Jobman retains unparalleled flexibility and customisation making it totally scalable. Whilst your company grows, so will Jobman’s value to your company.
Browser-based software relies on the browser (in our case Google Chrome) as its operating system. This is the latest technology and where your investment remains safest; an environment that encapsulates your smart devices and features they offer such as: photos, barcode scanning, capacitive touch screen interfaces, SMS’s, emails, GPS and Google maps and many more. Jobman provides you the platform to leveraged all these technologies, future-proofing your investment.

Purchasing apps or alternative software to solve a specific current constraint on your business is just a band-aid fix. This might seem to be a cheap solution at the time; however, countless businesses have realised in hindsight that this reactive approach costs many times more than purchasing software that does have the ability to solve all of your current/future constraints. The costs associated with implementing small fix software solutions include: (1) training and implementation, (2) developing standard work and process for effective use, (3) making multiple foreign systems complement each other, (4) resultant double/triple data entry. Jobman is the proactive approach to business development; a one-time decision to implement software that caters for every aspect/function of your business. Many of our clients wish they hadn’t wasted their time and money on temporary solutions, when Jobman provides the solution for the problems of today and tomorrow.

The decision to implement factory management software should be carefully considered, at the end of the day price is only a small but relative part of the equation. The real question is, ‘what is it costing you not having Jobman?’.

ERP software will appreciate in value as we use it, due to the nature and importance of your own data. This is an integral premise to be considered when validating Jobman in your own business.

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