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Where is your company going and how is it going to get there?

We all know the best advertising is word of mouth. How many staff have come to you asking if someone they know, and trust can have a job because they find it so rewarding and love where your business is heading?

If you get this all the time, then you can stop reading this article and go back to booking your golf game or planning your next family holiday.

Possibly the number one issue with many manufacturing companies in Australia at the moment is finding enough staff, let alone the right ones. While this might be a result of many factors it affects companies more that don’t meet certain criteria.

Some items that will help with staff retention are:

  • A learning and rewarding environment.
  • Clear company branding.
  • Micro-management free environment.
  • Ethical trading terms and customer focus.
  • Clear strategic vision and mission.
  • Clean and tidy workplace.
  • Safe working environment.
  • Use of modern and efficient systems and processes.

Personally, I know several companies that experience this enigma, and while the director of one of these companies doesn’t play golf, he said he has had enough of holidays and occasionally goes to work to ease the boredom (or escape house chores).

How to build a better company culture.

Everyone wants to love what they do.

If your staff are engaged in your vision and can be rewarded along the way, you will have a much better chance of retaining your good staff and reaching your goals than everyone jumping off the proverbial sinking ship.

One of the best staff morale boosters is to provide your staff the right tools to do their jobs on time. To do this they need correct and accurate information at their disposal. Walking around, collating information to do each task often leads to despondency and poor staff morale.

The on-time part is normally up to the tools you have provided your team leaders to schedule jobs correctly.

Change in business culture is rewarding for owners and staff alike. It takes time, effort and quite often a good look in the mirror.

Running a successful profitable business is rewarding and often takes more than one person. So, with the help of some business advice, and some integrated job management software that endorses strong systems and processes, you will be able to take control of your destination.

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Aaron Crees

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