Microsoft OneDrive integration for your manufacturing ERP

Almost any business using Microsoft Office will be familiar with OneDrive. But do you know what it can really do for productivity? Integrating OneDrive to your manufacturing ERP makes large file management so simple. 

Jobman is the link between Microsoft and your manufacturing floor. Bring your business together with our latest integration.

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Jobman and Microsoft driving productivity together

Access, edit, save and share files with the confidence of two leading productivity solutions, Jobman and OneDrive. Having instant, secure access to the latest file version means you can plan, track and grow your business more confidently. 

Never lose sight of what matters with powerful, simple file storage integrations.

Why connect your ERP to OneDrive

Integrating your ERP with Microsoft OneDrive provides end-to-end business management benefits for manufacturers and cabinetmakers:

  • Bring your business productivity and job management systems together
  • Enable better collaboration
  • Track file versions and edit anywhere
  • Securely share job files
  • Organise important documents in minutes
  • Local changes sync to every device
  • Power a remote workforce
  • Easier folder management on any device
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Better collaboration across your business

Your team will undoubtedly be familiar with how Microsoft’s folder management works, which makes for a short learning curve. But with Jobman and OneDrive connected, your production team and back-office, sales and inventory control, warehouse and shop floor are all working from the same files.

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Secure and accessible

However your team accesses job files – through Jobman’s operations interface, local file storage, SharePoint or OneDrive online – your information is secure. Only approved users can share documents outside the organisation, and OneDrive is protected by the best security protocols in the business.

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Simplied folder management

Jobman automatically provides folder templates for Jobs and Leads. You decide how to arrange sub-folders with the confidence that lead and job files are kept separate. Managing complex jobs is easy, and your production team always has the latest files through Jobman’s user-friendly interface.

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Total transparency

Wherever you have OneDrive installed, you have your job files. With inbuilt sharing functions, live collaboration tools and visibility over privacy settings, you are always in control of your important files – even large drawing files and images.

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Streamline your file storage

Integrating Jobman and Microsoft OneDrive enables transparency and collaboration across your operation. To get your team working together, you only need to spend a few minutes linking Jobman and OneDrive. It’s as simple as a few clicks then your Lead and Job folders will be ready to use.