Cloud factory management software for Metal Fabrication

Streamline, optimise and automate.

Digitising your company’s systems to a singular cloud-based platform allows for continuous improvements across the entire company.

Your company’s data and insights at your fingertips. That is a game changer!

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Why Jobman is becoming the preferred manufacturing software platform.

  • Cloud, SaaS End-to-End ERP
  • SaaS. Affordable business pricing
  • Fully featured ERP to run your SME manufacturing business
  • Open API
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Accounting software and Cloud storage integration

Jobman is fully mobile responsive.

Win more quotes by getting them into your customer’s hands in a fraction of the time with just a few clicks.

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Automated scheduling and capacity planning from an accepted quote are just a couple of ways Jobman helps you streamline your business.

Your team’s collaborative and pro-active approach to achieving company goals become reality when your Accounting, CAD CAM, and cloud storage applications are integrated with Jobman.
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