Google Drive integration for Jobman, your manufacturing ERP

Storing, sharing and syncing large files across devices is incredibly easy, thanks to Jobman’s Google Drive integration. Wherever you are, you have instant access to the latest version: quotes, drawings, CAD files, photos and anything else you need is accessible and secure.

Jobman’s Google Drive innovation is just one ERP feature enabling manufacturers to plan, track and manage their business better.

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Industry-leading integrations

Integrating Jobman and Google Drive provides new levels of transparency and flexibility. You can store large files, sync across devices, track changes, edit documents, share files and much more.

File storage integrations provide a smart, simple and efficient way to run a growing business.

Why connect Jobman and Google Drive

Integrating your manufacturing ERP and file storage solution provides benefits across your organisation:

  • Simple storage solution for large files
  • Open, edit and share on any device
  • Immediate syncing 
  • Access job files in Jobman and on your device
  • Proactive security and virus scanning
  • Enables collaboration in your team
  • Track file history
  • Control, security and transparency
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Find and share large files

Google Drive is an affordable file storage solution with scalable subscriptions well into the terabytes. For just a few dollars each month, you can store all your job files, images, correspondence, quotes, and anything else needed to get the job done. Integrating with Jobman makes these files accessible when and where you need them, including the production line.

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Industry-leading security

We always advise Jobman users to create separate Google Drive accounts for work and personal documents. That way, you always know your essential information is secured by Google’s industry-leading encryption and only shared by approved Jobman users.

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Easy organisation

Jobman automatically creates Lead and Job folder templates to make organising your files easier. Using these clearly defined folders, you can share files with customers and your team without anyone seeing information they’re not supposed to. Jobman’s folder management features make file storage cleaner, more secure and easier to manage.

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Immediate syncing

With Google Drive, you can create and edit all kinds of documents – even Microsoft Word and Excel files. Any changes sync across all your devices. Integrating with Jobman also means those updates sync into your job management module. As a result, production files, images, notes and order forms are always up to date without you needing to lift a finger.

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Integrations make life easier

Setting up Jobman’s Google Drive integration only takes a couple of minutes. Once you create a separate business account, you simply login through Jobman and request the connection. Within moments, you’ll have access to all your files in one organised, intelligent, simplified system.