Accounting software integrations for Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP

Jobman is the leading ERP solution for small and growing manufacturers and cabinetmakers. With a long list of powerful productivity features, Jobman stands on its own when it comes to managing complex operations.

But together with Australia’s favourite accounting solutions, it’s even better.

Jobman integrates seamlessly with Xero and MYOB, giving manufacturers and cabinetmakers powerfully simple management tools to grow their business.

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Australia and New Zealand’s favourite cloud-based accounting software, Xero, has tons of intelligent features for manufacturers. Bring your business together with Jobman and Xero.

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Harness the power of MYOB and Jobman together to monitor and grow your business. The all-in-one solution integrates easily with Jobman for end-to-end operational visibility.

Integrations make everyone happy

  • Get paid faster with automated invoicing
  • Track inventory and manage suppliers
  • Sync CRM data immediately 
  • Manage payroll without stress
  • Simplify tax time
  • Track financial performance at a glance
  • Automate complex accounting tasks
  • Give your workforce intelligent tools
  • Access securely anywhere, anytime

By integrating your accounting and ERP solutions, you can do away with outdated legacy systems, eliminate double data entry, save hours, and make better business decisions. The benefits tally up quickly.

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How your manufacturing ERP and accounting software come together

Jobman is a user-friendly, browser-based manufacturing ERP with 5 levels of access for security. Admins (usually management or accounts payable) set up the integration with accounting software in minutes. Jobman’s local support team is on-hand to help.

Once the integration is up and running, your entire workforce has on-demand access to tools like timesheets, leave, expense tracking, tax information and more. That means more time for payroll and accounting teams, no double data entry and 100% data accuracy. Ultimately, it means smarter business management.

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Jobman brings your business to the next level

If you want to get more from your business, you need total transparency across the supply chain. With Jobman, Australia’s leading manufacturing and cabinetmaking ERP, you get that and much more.

Discover how the powerfully simple ERP system designed for Aussie manufacturers can help you unlock productivity. Plan, track and grow your business with Jobman.