Adaptive manufacturing software working across Industries

Manufacturing involves the making a product or a range of products that supply a demand that is fit for purpose. The manufacturing process defines the business logic your company employs to deliver products on time and budget. 

The quality of service and product will determine your longevity and profitability. Implementing systems and procedures that are measurable, means that data must be captured in real time to gauge performance.

Jobman is an ERP software platform that will allow for data capture in real time for the right people, whilst delivering important insights to your business.

Jobman follows your business logic and can be customised to suit small and larger type projects, consist ingof multiple Job Types having different lead times & utilising multiple materials. 

Made for your Environment

Having such a powerful tool which is suitable for many types of manufacturing industries, the Jobman ERP software platform automates your systems and processes, scales with your business and helps grow profitably.

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Cabinet Making

Cabinet Making is generally complex in nature. With thousands of materials to choose from, an ever-expanding selection of hardware fittings, multiple job types, different cabinet shapes, client liaison and interpretation changes, ever changing lead times for contractor trades and the list goes on. Fortunately, Jobman allows for these variables in an end-to-end cloud based, job management, software solution. 

Linking your Jobman software with your Accounting, CAD CAM packages and cloud storage applications adds the transparency required so you can be ahead of the game and become proactive in your business with features like quoting, scheduling, inventory control, capacity planning, all types of reporting etc.

Jobman is the industry standard to help your manufacturing business scale profitably while embedding the right systems and processes that eliminate waste.

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Stone Manufacturing

Stone companies have been trusting Jobman for years for their job management solution. Running a stone company or one that connected to a cabinet shop, Jobman has the power to manage the life cycle of jobs of different job types all within the one platform.

An ERP plays an ever-increasing role of the manufacture and installation of stone products.  Client liaison, easy quoting, visible job transparency and automatic scheduling become second nature to your staff as they venture to take more off your plate allowing you to grow your business.

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Shop Fitting

Shop Fitting is renowned for its uniqueness of job types and brings with it numerous complexities from quoting to installation. Jobs are rarely the same so managing and tracking profitability can be erroneous unless powerful job management software is utilised. 

Jobman offers the flexibility to cater for the variables that Shop Fitting demands and provides the integrated tools so that real time data can be captured removing much of the unknown. Real time data capture becomes more valuable so that all areas of your business can be optimised. 

It all begins with quoting. Jobman’s Sections provide targeted material control over your pricing while removing the guess work out of your labour cost centres. Your clients will be more engaging due to your faster quote turn arounds and requoting can be done in a fraction of the time.

Turning Sections into sub jobs so that scheduling, ordering, and time spent is separated into these segments can also be done at the click of a button. This is just one of the many features Jobman has developed for the Shop Fitting industry and why it is being utilised for many Shop Fitting firms as their ERP.

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Marine Fabrication

Jobman is a perfect fit for the manufacture of your boat building company. Custom manufacturing does not get any more involved than boat building and hitting those deadlines is crucial for your clients and the success of your business. 

If your design software generates a bill of materials or you are a smaller company, Jobman will project manage and track your staff and milestones so that you gain an understanding what components of your build are profitable and where potential improvements can be made.

New ways to improve efficiencies must be revealed as material and labour costs increase it is no longer possible to have massive profit margins to cover the unknown. Taking control of your marine operation with an ERP will put you at the helm of your organisation once again.

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From design to manufacture, ducting can be utilised in many industries for the installation and removal of many types of materials.

Knowing your cost centres and being able to report on job status’s adds transparency and allows you predict your profit margins.


The manufacture and installation of cool rooms can be complex and time restricted. Utilising an ERP streamlines your sales and operational processes. 

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Bespoke furniture can be more manual in its manufacture, but materials and labour used to manufacture must be known so that you remain profitable.

Measuring your processes is just as important as all the measuring done to make your products. 

Other applications

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Plastic Fabrication


Bespoke furniture can be more manual in its manufacture, but materials and labour used to manufacture must be known so that you remain profitable.

Measuring your processes is just as important as all the measuring done to make your products.