Cloud factory management software for Marine Fabrication

Streamline, optimise and automate.

Digitising your company’s systems to a singular cloud-based platform allows for continuous improvements across the entire company.

Your company’s data and insights at your fingertips. That is a game changer!

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Manufacturing does not get more bespoke than boat-building. Tracking the progress of builds and meeting budget and production deadlines is vital for a growing business’s success.

Jobman manages your staff and milestones. Investing in ERP technology to improve your business is a good idea because it will help you understand the profitability of your builds and where potential improvements can be made.

Rising material and labour costs can easily erode profit margins. Taking control of your marine operation with Jobman will put you back at the helm of your organisation.

Why Jobman is becoming the preferred manufacturing software platform.

  • Cloud, SaaS End-to-End ERP
  • SaaS. Affordable business pricing
  • Fully featured ERP to run your SME manufacturing business
  • Open API
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Accounting software and Cloud storage integration

Jobman is fully mobile responsive.

“It shouldn’t matter if you’re in the office or not. “

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business in this fast-paced, technology-driven world is a must for running a profitable business.

Readily available information enables you to make proactive decisions throughout your day.

Your predefined workflows should automate your processes and provide accountability for your staff so that they know what they are doing next.

Your team’s collaborative and pro-active approach to achieving company goals become reality when your Accounting, CAD CAM, and cloud storage applications are integrated with Jobman.
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