Simple Integration of Xero and ERP Software

Xero is one of the leading accounting software solutions for small and medium businesses, just like Jobman is the leading ERP for small and growing manufacturers. Together, Jobman and Xero simplify financial management, saving time and reducing error across every financial operation.

Ready to see your business bloom? Get in touch to learn how easily the Xero ERP integration with Jobman can simplify financial management for manufacturers and cabinetmakers.

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Grow Your Bottom Line

Jobman ERP, integrated with Xero, provides a streamlined end-to-end solution for manufacturing businesses. Manufacturers and cabinetmakers can consolidate their accounts processes with automatic contact population, invoice generation, bill reconciliation, and payroll functionality to a few simple steps. 

Get paid on time, save hours on accounting and guarantee accurate financial reporting every time. It all adds up to growing your business.

Why Connect Xero to Jobman

Integrating Xero and Jobman ERP enables manufacturers and cabinetmakers to:

  • Automate invoice processes
  • Get paid on time
  • Track financial performance in real-time
  • Manage payroll without stress
  • Reconcile bills
  • Schedule payments
  • Synchronise CRM contacts
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One Simplified Back-Office System

Jobman replaces all your legacy systems, rolling them into a single user-friendly software. Rather than juggling APIs, connectors and independent bookkeeping systems, let Jobman and Xero figure it out together.

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Eliminate Errors

Integrating Jobman ERP and Xero means your data flows back and forth automatically. This reduces the potential for error and eliminates double data entry.

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Simple And Secure

Jobman features 5 user access levels, ensuring data is only accessible to people who need it. Only approved users (usually senior management and finance staff) can access the information. But that doesn’t stop timesheets, and operational and purchasing data flowing seamlessly into Xero.

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Cloud-Based Brilliance

Xero and Jobman are cloud-based software solutions, meaning your data is secure and accessible anywhere. You can even connect your bank to Xero, enabling you to receive and reconcile payments from anywhere.

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Update Your Address Book

Jobman and Xero both feature user-friendly CRMs. How do you choose? You don’t have to! Contact data syncs in both directions, so your accounts payable and sales teams can use whichever system they prefer and keep each other in the loop automatically

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Invoice Easier

Xero is built for small and growing businesses just like yours. When you approve a quote in Jobman, it automatically becomes an invoice awaiting approval in Xero. Getting paid on time only takes a couple of clicks.

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How it Comes Together

The Xero integration with Jobman ERP software is simple. Once you’re set up with 5 user levels in Jobman (and a Xero account, of course), connecting takes only a few minutes. There is no lengthy setup process or steep learning curve, just simplified business management for busy manufacturers.