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Modern ERP systems integrate a massive amount of operational, process, customer and back-office data. 

The ability to access insights directly from that data, instantly with ERP real-time reporting takes the guesswork out of growing your business.

A fundamental digital transformation tool for manufacturers, real-time reporting helps maintain an edge in a competitive market.

What is ERP real-time reporting?

Without an ERP, separate systems collect and store data. So, if you want to compare overtime hours with job costs or forecast cash flow based on last year’s customer trends, you need the IT skills (and lots of time) to compile a report. 

ERP real-time reporting removes that barrier. A modern ERP system simplifies the reporting process by integrating data from operations, inventory, lead management, finance, and the shop floor.

What kind of real-time reports can an ERP generate?

Modern manufacturing ERPs like Jobman are flexible, powerful and tailored to individual businesses. Most feature real-time reporting tools right out of the box, with optional features depending on your requirements:

  • Cashflow reports 
  • Financial forecasts
  • Production reports
  • Time and attendance data
  • Sales reports
  • Job cost analysis
  • Fault and error reporting
  • Inventory reporting
  • Logistics and delivery tracking
  • Lead and customer re-engagement data

Some information, like financial and production reports, are generated in a few clicks. 

But the real power of modern ERP real-time reporting is the intuitive, user-friendly dashboards that enable users to compare data from across the organisation. 

Working with your ERP provider to build a custom dashboard means you can answer any questions and make more informed business decisions.

How manufacturers benefit from real-time data

Complete transparency

In today’s fast-paced market, unobstructed information access helps you make faster, more informed decisions. 

Whether it’s solving customer issues, removing production bottlenecks, responding to product customisation requests or deciding to invest in new equipment, an end-to-end ERP enables a big-picture view of your business.

Easy reporting

ERPs are designed to be powerfully simple. With Jobman, for example, we invested in creating an intuitive user interface that gives busy manufacturers access to the information they need instantly.

Creating reports or pulling insights from operational data doesn’t require any programming. All you need is a web-enabled device, and an ERP configured to fit your business. 

Train your team to make better decisions

Our team spent years working on the shop floor before creating Jobman. We understand the frustration of only having half the picture.

ERP real-time reporting overcomes that problem by centralising information that was previously kept in siloed systems, each with its own licencing costs.

The result is better collaboration between teams, higher productivity, more critical thinking and fewer mistakes.

Selecting a solution: What to look for in erp real-time reporting

Every ERP software is different. For manufacturing, cabinetmaking and joinery work, you need a system that delivers insight and productivity in equal measure. 

So what are some of the features to look for?

Jobman has all of these and more. Our ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers has versatile real-time reporting capabilities to help you make better, more profitable business decisions.

Contact us to discuss your reporting requirements with a manufacturing ERP expert.

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