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The future of manufacturing is here. Don’t let that scare you – instead, let’s work together to transform your business, so you stay competitive and agile.

To quickly recap our previous blog, these are the manufacturing industry trends emerging at home (and abroad):

  • Data-driven intelligence across the value chain
  • More demand for sustainably produced goods
  • Customisation and personalisation
  • Globalised economy open for the taking

If your business isn’t ready to embrace the changing world, you still have time to get your house in order. But not much, so let’s look at how a manufacturing ERP (enterprise resource planning) system like Jobman can fast-track business transformation.

Automated efficiency

One of the best ways to increase your profit margin is to increase productivity by removing double handling and automating tedious manual tasks.

An ERP system does just that. Jobman has productivity features specifically designed to free up time in manufacturing businesses while at the same time reducing human error.

From small, time-saving gains like automated invoice follow-up and quicker quotes, to inventory control assistance, an intelligent ERP is an essential step in unlocking productivity across the value chain.

Enabling business agility

Adapting to changes in the market as they happen is a sure-fire way to stand out from the competition. For manufacturers, an ERP provides agility on two fronts:

  1. Identifying opportunities to reallocate underdelivering resources, freeing up time to focus on innovation.
  2. Uncoupling from rigid legacy systems with an all-in-one job management platform that flexes and scales with your business.

It works like this: first, real-time data helps you to identify value-adding opportunities. Second, the modular system (and support from Jobman’s local team) means you can add or remove functionality as your business changes.

In fact, nearly 70% of ERP customers chose to upgrade or re-implement their existing ERPs or shift away from old legacy systems, proof that modular systems are the preferred path to growth.

Better customer relationships

Customers are the cornerstone of any business. Here in Australia, customer relationships are often forged over a long time, and loyalty means a lot.

So it pays to keep your customers happy. Our integrated CRM system enables mutually beneficial relationships by:

  • Storing customer data, including purchase history and job notes
  • Automatic syncing between Jobman and Xero, the leading accounting software for SME manufacturers
  • Providing the sales team with everything they need
  • Immediate quoting from any browser-enabled device
  • Payroll features that optimise back-office productivity

Focusing on customers, and creating a more agile sales funnel, is a proven way to increase profits.

Smarter business decisions

Without reliable data, it’s impossible to make an informed strategic decision. This is where an ERP system provides immediate benefits by bringing together real-time data from across the organisation.

  • Identify production bottlenecks
  • Streamline order and inventory processes
  • Eliminate wasted resources
  • Generate production, sales and financial reports
  • Analyse productivity in real-time
  • Track job status, employee time, inventory and more in a single user-friendly interface
  • Log in and use the full functionality of Jobman from any browser-enabled device
  • Connect accounting software for a clear financial picture

With all that information at your fingertips, you can deep-dive into the data or zoom out for an all-encompassing picture of performance.

Jobman is the ERP transforming Australian manufacturing

We’re ready for the next era of manufacturing – are you? Business transformation happens on many fronts, from process optimisation to supplier relationships, customer interactions to investing in new equipment and software.

With Jobman as your manufacturing transformation partner, your business will be ready for whatever comes your way. Explore the full range of features or get in touch for a demo.

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