The Leading Software Solution for Manufacturing

Automate, control and plan better with Jobman

Jobman works hard to grow your business in the right direction. The flexible system spans the entire production lifecycle – which benefits everyone from your sales team to the shop floor, back-office to upper management.

Jobman is a versatile ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system built for the manufacturing industry. Data from every stage of the production process meets in a single user-friendly interface, giving you vital insight into operational, customer and financial data.

Jobman is your key to stability, productivity, and growth in an ever-changing industry.

Jobman Features

Jobman Integrations

Accounting Software

Combining your ERP and accounting software removes the headaches from finance processes. Jobman works with leading accounting software, including Xero and MYOB, with automatic data syncing on features like time and attendance, payroll and invoice management.


Jobman integrates with Australia’s best CAD and CAM software, including Cabinet Vision, BenchFab and many more. Features like automatic capacity planning, product tracking, synced supplier data and design file integration reduce manual entry and save you time.

Cloud Storage

Store, access, share and download files through Jobman thanks to cloud storage integrations. Linking Jobman to your preferred cloud storage platform, including Google Drive and OneDrive, means your Lead and Job files are secure and available whenever you need them.

Is Jobman the right ERP for you?

We built Jobman as an end-to-end ERP capable of meeting the manufacturing industry’s demands. As soon as you get set up with Jobman, you’ll see the benefits across your operation.

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced overheads
  • User-friendly for everyone
  • Remove information silos
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Better organisation and planning
  • Error-free reporting
  • Streamlined financial processes
  • Better customer relationships
  • Clear, detailed reports

Jobman is ideal for manufacturers and cabinetmakers who want to grow their business. The modular system means you can add features as you expand. Our local team is here to support that growth, from initial setup to custom feature requests and tailoring Jobman to suit your operation.