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Quick recap: What is a CRM?

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is a software to organise customer data. From the moment they become a sales lead (and even before), through the purchase process, after-sales support and ongoing relationships, a CRM keeps all the information in a system that is:

  • Centralised
  • Categorised
  • Searchable
  • Actionable
  • Automated (in some systems)

More than 40% of the manufacturing industry uses a CRM. The percentage increases as market cap rises, which suggests a CRM is one of those fundamental tools to build and sustain thriving businesses.

Some ERPs for manufacturers have a CRM module. This avoids the need to have parallel separate systems and streamlines the production process by automating back-end tasks.

What manufacturers need in a CRM

Australia’s manufacturing industry has grown up a lot in the
last few decades. Today’s operators are proactive and innovative; a big
investment in marketing has seen customer acquisition, product quality, R&D
and technology integration become priorities. And we’re now playing on a global
stage, with a valuable (and rapidly growing) export market contributing to Australia’s
$100 billion manufacturing industry

Plainly, manufacturers need a CRM designed with
consideration for the challenges of our growing industry. But what are the
specific features, functions and solutions you should be looking for?


CRMs are, in their simplest form, a place to keep customer data for easy recall. But small fabricators and entrepreneurs, through to large scale manufacturing businesses, all need more.

  • Job stage (lead, in production, delivered etc)
  • Customer classification
  • Automatic design spec flow
  • Multiple contacts per customer
  • Purchase orders and material information
  • Warranty and Repair Information
  • Service History

It’s the little things that a manufacturing CRM enables – like delivery time tracking, well-documented specification requirements, service call histories – that build more fruitful customer relationships.

Streamlined supply chain

This is where a combined ERP and CRM for manufacturers provides an operational advantage. Linking and automating data from the earliest stages of a new business lead, right through to ordering, manufacturing, delivery, and after-sales support, improves the customer relationship and saves significant admin time.


Australian manufacturers are known as innovators. In every industry, from cabinet making to high-tech microelectronics, accurate forecasting has several benefits:

By improving product information and offering a better overview of demand forecasting, manufacturing CRMs shorten the time to market and enable any operation to be more agile.

Quality control

It’s a no-brainer that to keep your business afloat, you need to keep delivering high-quality work. Defective products bear large costs, both in dollars and reputation capital.

Manufacturing ERPs with a CRM module provide the answer in analytics. Because the system keeps all the data together, including hard product data and qualitative feedback captured in customer conversations, your business can identify potential production flaws before they impact the bottom line.

A CRM for Aussie manufacturers, by Aussie manufacturers

Jobman is a flexible ERP with a clever CRM module designed specifically for the local manufacturing industry. We understand the unique and ever-changing needs of customers in our industry because we have real experience on the manufacturing floor.

Find out more about our CRM for manufacturers or get in touch for a quick chat about our customisable ERP solution.


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