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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are designed to be a kind of all-in-one solution for productivity, workflow optimisation, employee management, financial supervision and business growth.

The trouble is, with so many ERPs on the market, each with features and benefits that make them unique, how do you choose the right system to suit your requirements? We believe the solution is customisable ERPs. That is, an off-the-shelf system with added features and customised modules adjusted to suit your business.

You don’t need to blow the budget on a fully custom piece of software when an existing ERP can be customised to fit your business.

Top 3 benefits of a customisable ERP system

Proven solution tailored to your business

When you partner with an established ERP provider like Jobman, you get the benefits of our long track record coupled with the flexibility of a customised system. With a large bank of client success stories, established technical support and streamlined training programs, there are none of the teething problems (or implementation delays) you find working with software developers.

Instead, our system is ready to deploy with loads of additional features. Before rolling out, we work with you to customise everything from the interface to the features list, so you get our industry-leading software with a custom twist.

Ability to add features based on your requirements

Finding an ERP for manufacturing businesses is tricky. Finding one that solves all your problems in one go? Even harder. Most of our users have custom requirements ranging from minor tweaks to the timesheet portal, to custom capabilities in warehouse and inventory management.

When investing in an ERP you want to be sure it will accommodate your requirements. Before making your final decision, ensure your shortlisted suppliers understand what you need and can deliver it within budget.

Saves cost and improves productivity to scale up

Properly implemented, ERP systems boost productivity across the board while eliminating unnecessary costs. When we deploy a customised version of Jobman to your business, we focus on helping you to scale up.

That means finding efficiencies and untapped profit potential across your business and customising the features and functions based on the way you work.

Top 3 myths of a customisable ERP system

They’re expensive

Customised ERPs are cost-effective when compared to a bespoke software solution, or using no system at all. Depending on the level of customisation, you will likely be surprised at how affordable a custom ERP actually is.

You need to change your workflow

If an ERP requires you to change the way you work, it’s time to look at a different solution. Customised ERPs slot in around existing workflows and integrate seamlessly with third-party platforms to remove the barriers to implementation.

The system is hard to learn

Jobman is a simple web-based solution with lots of brains behind the scenes. We designed the system to be user-friendly across the board, from the back office to shop floor, sales staff to management. Plus, with hands-on training from the Jobman team, you will be off and running in no time.

Let Us Know What You Need

Having worked in the manufacturing industry for years before we created Jobman, our team understands the unique challenges faced by the industry. Whatever Jobman does not currently do to meet your ERP requirements, we are happy to discuss a custom solution.

Our focus is on helping our clients scale up their business with the support and flexibility of a fully integrated and easy-to-use ERP solution.

Drop us a line to discuss your requirements or see Jobman in action on our website.

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