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Data-driven decision-making allows you to maximise the productivity of your existing staff and resources without any extra people or equipment. But how do you get this data? Enterprise Resource Planning software is specifically designed to streamline your processes and eliminate bottlenecks, double data entry, and missing information in your production line. The right software can give you the data you need to make profitable business decisions and improve the way you work.

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Hiring new workers, upgrading equipment and expanding your premises without quality data on your existing efficiency can be a costly mistake. Data-driven decision-making is how you get more capacity out of your existing resources, ultimately resulting in much higher profitability and a better bottom line. The problem is that most manufacturing businesses do not have the required tools to measure performance, productivity or profitability. As a result, you can’t see the bottlenecks, wasted time or low-efficiency aspects of your business, which therefore can’t be analysed, improved or corrected. This is where ERP software like Jobman comes into play.

ERP software provides the data you need to make informed decisions on how to maximise productivity and increase profitability. Discover how a data-driven approach can save you many hours and dollars.


It’s hard to keep track of the whole production process when managing a manufacturing business. Some bottlenecks in your production line can be quite easy to spot, while others might not be so evident. ERP software allows you to monitor the entire manufacturing process, from when you first quote and order, all the way to when you deliver the finished product. Because ERP software provides such a holistic view, companies are alerted of bottlenecks, target dates not being met, and tasks taking longer than estimated/quoted.

Managers can use the data provided by the ERP software to take proactive steps in addressing arising issues and to review current processes for efficiency. Using a data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of decision-making, allowing manufacturing businesses to make informed decisions to maximise productivity and profitability.

Obvious bottlenecks aren’t the only thing quality ERP software can help you find. The less obvious bottlenecks, in the form of missed opportunities for higher productivity, can also be identified. Consider a cabinet maker producing the core cabinetry for a new kitchen fit out. As an example, there’s almost always a more efficient way of doing things when it comes to the order of parts you manufacture. Streamlining the order of manufacture to reduce time spent on tooling configuration and literal movement waste (walking between stations), can improve productivity substantially. It’s these small gains that lead to massive improvement over time, and big lifts to your bottom line financials.

Double data entry

Every year, thousands of manufacturing businesses fall victim to double data entry. Time is wasted entering the same data over and over again because companies fail to address the potential for human error. Good ERP software solves this problem by ensuring fields normally prone to double-data entry are linked from the get go. When a new customer comes through the pipeline, their information is shared across all relevant departments and throughout the software.

Data is also logged against the person entering it, so there is accountability on correct entries, and less chance of referring to outdated information. Another advantage of having ERP software is the Application Programming Interface (API) which allows businesses to integrate effectively with a huge range of other softwares – Xero, MYOB, Zapier, Dropbox and many more. Have all your information in one easy-to-use platform and ensure the smooth flow of data throughout your whole organisation, from quoting to design all the way to invoicing.

By using ERP software to streamline operations, businesses can eliminate double data entry while implementing a user-friendly surface that helps staff work more efficiently. No more navigating through dozens of spreadsheets to find the information you need. All data and softwares are found in one place and accessible to all departments across the company, allowing for maximised productivity and increased profitability.

Missing information

Lack of transparency and missing information can drastically decrease your company’s productivity. Does your staff know what materials they need? What jobs to prioritise? Which steps to follow? It’s hard to keep track of every single person in the production line, and is impossible to do so efficiently. Installing ERP software will automate and streamline the flow of information across the business, and allow managers to monitor the productivity of each worker. The software can be accessed anywhere and at any time including mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Staff have access to live data and clear information on the jobs that need to be completed – what materials are needed, what jobs to prioritise, who is in charge of the next step, and everything else.

ERP software also has built-in functionality for when things don’t quite go to plan. If a job is pushed back due to unplanned issues, quickly and accurately update everyone that needs to know. Jobman, for example, will alert you ahead of time if issues arise that are likely to delay delivery, and make it incredibly easy to fire off an email or call to the right person to let them know. It can also calculate the expected completion date accounting for the delay, meaning you can call your customer and give them an accurate estimate of when the job will be ready.

Correctly implemented ERP software also gives you the ability to have your finger on the pulse of your production line through visible dashboards and reporting tools. Know exactly where everything is at all times, which departments are smashing it and which need a little more support or training. Leverage this data to maximise your overall business’s manufacturing productivity, and make smart decisions for future-planning.

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Discover Jobman

Jobman is an Australian-built, owned and operated ERP software designed for cabinet makers and manufacturers used by various industry sectors across Australia to solve issues regarding productivity and organisation; and to maximise profitability and capability. Jobman is cloud-based and mobile-reactive, with online training modules and videos on YouTube that make it easy to roll out company-wide after a month’s free trial.

Discover the wide range of features and integrations that are available with the newest version of the software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Lead Management
Job Management
Job Scheduling
Software Integrations (MYOB, Xero, Dropbox, and more)
Inventory Control
Time & Attendance
Capacity Planning
Purchase Ordering
Open Application Programming Interface (API)

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