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Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has many benefits for salespeople. Better visibility across the business, easier quoting and invoicing, automated lead management, improved team collaboration…the list goes on.

But the biggest benefit of an ERP for salespeople? Winning more business.

In an era when sole traders are spruiking their services against sales teams from bigger businesses, an ERP provides the competitive advantage you need to close more deals. 

ERP intelligence for sales and marketing

Most ERPs feature an integrated CRM as standard. But ERPs designed for manufacturers come with additional modules to support marketing and sales in specialised industries.

CRM module

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module enables manufacturers to organise data from customers, suppliers and partners. Jobman’s CRM comes with a high degree of customisation, so you can:

  • Track every interaction
  • Categorise customer types
  • Identify high-value customers
  • Prepare for customer meetings
  • Call up job data on the spot

After all, making a good impression is half the battle to winning more business.

Lead management

Keeping track of prospective customers is time-consuming and complex. Using ERP data to streamline lead management takes the legwork out of lead qualification. As a result, sales and marketing staff can pursue valuable opportunities, proactively deliver personalised information, or pull back if the timing isn’t right.


When a potential customer asks, “can you make it happen?” you need to be ready with an answer. Not in 3-5 business days, or even 24 hours, but on the spot.

Jobman ERP software provides complete operational transparency and data-driven insight to answer confidently. You can check stock levels, assign capacity and look ahead to jobs in the pipeline, all from any web-connected device.

Fast, professional quoting

Jobman’s browser-based quoting module allows you to create professional quotes in minutes. In addition, you can customise every part of the quote to deliver a personalised estimate that stays on top of the pile. 

Business intelligence

From sole trader cabinetmakers to large manufacturers, every business sits on a gold mine of data. An ERP provides transparent access to that data, so management can uncover value-adding insights and pursue high-potential opportunities.

For example, Superior Kitchens & Cabinets in Albany, WA, were taking every job as it came because they lacked the data and visualisation to streamline their services. 

After implementing Jobman, the team saw significant productivity increases and a streamlined job pipeline. Most importantly, their management team now has greater confidence when a customer comes calling. 

Benefits of an ERP system for sales

  • Manage the lead pipeline better
  • Improve relationships with existing customers
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce wasted time
  • Answer customer questions faster
  • Collaborate better across the business
  • Uncover trends and insights

How to integrate ERP intelligence into sales and marketing processes

There are many sales and marketing intelligence tools out there. But before you subscribe to yet another expensive service, consider how an ERP streamlines operations across the business.

The right manufacturing ERP will supersede the legacy systems that don’t communicate properly. 

With optional integrations like accounting, cloud storage and CAD-CAM software, Jobman has all your bases covered. The result is a simplified system providing end-to-end intelligence.

Contact us to take Jobman for a test drive today.

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