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What is a CRM for manufacturers?

Manufacturing CRMs (short for Customer Relationship Management) are software tools that store customer data, track orders and customer preferences, sync with accounting software, handle purchase order requirements and more. CRMs enable better interactions between manufacturers and their customers.

Better business, all the way from the supply chain to after-sales support

If you’re one of the Aussie manufacturers – and there are many out there – who think you only need a basic CRM to do business, then buckle up. We’re about to take you through 5 powerful ways a CRM will transform your manufacturing business.

1. Close more sales

Sales teams need more advanced tools than charm and a good handshake to win business. A CRM centralises customer data and interactions into a single system, so salespeople can call up the information they need to make a good impression and track the lead more closely.

The result? Less dropped leads, a smoother sales pipeline, and more deals through the door.

2. Increased customer satisfaction (and retention)

Once you’ve closed a sale, you want to keep those customers coming back. Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can boost profits by up to 90%, which means a bigger margin for your business and more chance to grow existing accounts.

Happier customers are simply better for business.

Jobman’s CRM features enable you to balance your existing client book while still winning new business. For example, you can categorise customers according to your business structure, sync order details to purchase orders and production software, and control design specifications to ensure every customer feels like the most important person in your life.

3. Supply chain visibility

CRM benefits extend beyond customer interactions when you combine CRM and ERP data. Linking supplier, inventory, production and distribution data to customer interactions means you suddenly have visibility across 100% of the supply chain.

This kind of supply chain intelligence enables better production planning. You can manage ordering based on sales forecasts to ensure you have enough raw materials at the ready without overstocking.

4. Accurate sales projections

Manufacturing CRMs paired with a fit-for-purpose ERP take the guesswork out of sales projections. By accessing the wealth of order data available in Jobman, you can forecast more confidently:

  • Identify popular items
  • Spot busy periods
  • Leverage long-term trends
  • Assess your current sales pipeline
  • Find and eliminate bottlenecks causing lost sales

5. Smarter, simpler production planning

Capacity planning without a CRM is like going on a road trip without a GPS. Sure, it’s possible, but it’s incredibly inefficient and sure to drive your stress levels through the roof.

Jobman’s connected CRM enables you to plan for the weeks, months and years ahead more confidently. Planning production schedules based on sales forecasts and locked-in jobs means you can group similar jobs for efficiency and budget for growth instead of playing the cashflow guessing game.

Better together: CRM and Jobman ERP

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to drive a CRM. But if you want to close more sales and streamline your production process, you will need to invest in the right tools for the job.

Jobman is an ERP system for manufacturers and cabinetmakers with CRM features specifically designed for our industry. Unlike off-the-shelf CRM systems, Jobman is designed to help manufacturers grow with confidence.

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