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There are almost 50,000 SME (small to medium enterprises) manufacturers contributing to Australia’s economy. Small and medium operators employ nearly 65% of the total manufacturing workforce despite only accounting for half the industry. Our industry employs the most apprentices and is the second-largest R&D spender behind scientists.

All of that is to say: SME manufacturers have a lot going on. Between growing a successful business, managing a diverse workforce, meeting customer demands and investing in new products and processes, they could use a little help.

That’s where manufacturing ERPs for small and medium businesses come in.

Manufacturing ERPs are not just for the big guys anymore

ERPs automate and optimise manufacturing workflows. While many small manufacturers are languishing with legacy bolt-on systems or spreadsheets, modern businesses have moved on.

They’ve seen what ERPs do for big business and sought a fit-for-purpose solution. And they’re being rewarded with a significant competitive advantage.

5 benefits of an industry-specific ERP for manufacturers

1. Automate manufacturing processes

Automation is a multi-layered benefit. At the top, you have less human error in mission-critical manufacturing processes. Underneath is the accuracy of automation, ensuring no data is missing or entered incorrectly.

And supporting all that is the speed at which a manufacturing ERP moves jobs along, allowing for increased shop floor capacity with high confidence in your internal processes.

2. Gather insightful data

Good data is the foundation of good decisions. Manufacturing ERPs provide up-to-date data throughout the production process – but it’s in reporting and forecasting where Jobman comes into its own.

That kind of end-to-end information access makes for better forecasting and more confident investment.

3. Streamline operations

We spent years on the shop floor before developing our Jobman ERP for manufacturers. So, we saw first-hand the do-overs and wasted material that decrease margins and erode customer relationships.

By channelling operational data into a single secure database, an ERP reduces complexity while improving productivity. Baked-in features like capacity planning and inventory control minimise wastage in terms of time, money, materials and make-goods.

4. Reduce costs

Time really is money for SME manufacturers. Every hour spent chasing inventory or following up missing timesheets shrinks the job margin and takes away from R&D, business development or OHS improvements.

Jobman improves productivity and minimises waste at every stage of the manufacturing process. Thanks to Xero integration, streamlined purchasing, and timesheet tracking, you can reduce costs without compromising on quality.

5. Clearer communication between departments

Jobman spans the entire organisation, performing cumbersome manual tasks from invoicing to payroll. When everyone is on the same page (or screen), then you don’t need to worry about miscommunication.

Your entire operation gets the same information at the same time, eliminating unnecessary delays and improving the workplace environment in one fell swoop.

Get the benefits of a manufacturing ERP made by manufacturers

Jobman is a web-based manufacturing ERP designed by people with years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to give small and medium manufacturers the tools they need to grow with confidence and take on bigger challenges.

Ultimately, that means keeping more manufacturing work in Australia. Supporting our industry and securing employment for apprentices through to old hands.

Find out more about Jobman ERP for manufacturers or contact us with any questions.

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