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Return on investment, or ROI, is a crucial consideration when manufacturers invest in a new machine, employee, or process. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is no different.

An ERP system makes manufacturing operations more efficient. Every manufacturer asks 3 questions when they’re considering Jobman as their ERP system:

1.     What returns can I expect for my investment?

2.     When will they come?

3.     What is the scale of that ROI?

All great questions. So let’s share what we’ve learned about ROI to help you justify investing in a manufacturing ERP.

1. Inventory management

Inventory tracking eats up an enormous amount of resources, especially with a stock monitoring system disconnected from the rest of the operation.

Integrating inventory management into an ERP system has several bottom-line benefits:

  • Reduce over-ordering
  • Better job planning
  • Free up storage space
  • Faster re-ordering of high-volume materials
  • Eliminate human error in inventory tracking
  • Remove inventory bottlenecks
  • Monitor material levels at every stage of the line

Some benefits are almost immediate – reducing labour hours and cleaning up stock spreadsheets, for example. Others, like streamlined re-ordering, add up to huge savings over the medium and long term.

2. Financial management

Manufacturing is complex. Even with a great financial accounting system, you’re still faced with front-end challenges like settling finished jobs, paying suppliers, tracking employee hours, forecasting to make growth decisions.

An ERP system links those data sources, providing an accurate overview and easy financial management.

  • More accurate financial reporting
  • Identify and eliminate financial waste
  • Faster job closing times
  • Confident forecasting
  • Reduce human error and double handling in Accounts

And because Jobman integrates with Xero, you can automate many tedious tasks that delay payment. Depending on the complexity of your business, the benefits can be immediate – untangling the financial web, for example – as well as longer term with reduced labour and modernised accounting.

3. Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply chain disruptions can be devastating for manufacturers. Delays in receiving materials cause a ripple effect that can quickly lead to lost business, overtime hours and mismanaged inventory.

ERP systems help you overcome these issues. The system provides data and automated insights so management can plan for disruptions and fluctuations across the supply chain.

From supplier costs to employee hours, automatic re-ordering to job status tracking, Jobman is specifically designed to put manufacturers in control of their business. Better data and business intelligence give your management team a strategic advantage in a competitive market.

4. Sales Management

Furnishing your sales team with the information they need to manage accounts means better customer relationships. Better customer relationships grow your business.

  • Generate pre-filled purchase orders with your company branding
  • Custom fields to store information based on your areas of operation
  • Define multiple contacts for each account
  • Create email templates
  • Xero integration for automatic invoice reminders
  • Store correspondence to help salespeople close deals

ROI is a no-brainer here. Every interaction improves right away once you take ownership of customer data. Close more sales, get paid faster and present a more professional face to clients.

ROI in Action: Jobman for Manufacturers

Jobman is an ERP designed for the Australian manufacturing industry. To see how other cabinet making, joinery, shopfitting and manufacturing businesses have streamlined their operations and improved efficiency across the business, check out our testimonials.

Or you can contact us for a consultation and find out exactly where the Jobman manufacturing ERP system can provide many happy returns on your investment.

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