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Are You Wasting Time On Admin Tasks That Could Be Automated?

Job automation can sound like a scary thing. Machines replacing humans, robots taking over our jobs, AI gaining intelligence à la Terminator. But that’s the Hollywood version: the reality of automation, for thousands of Australian businesses, is a huge productivity boost and increased capacity to earn more money.

How Much Time Aussie Businesses Lose to Repetitive Admin

  • An alarm clock reading 2:04 sits with a background of blurred Australian money
  • 81 days a year: how much the average Aussie business lost to admin in 2017 at a cost of $79,000
  • 14% to 40% of turnover lost to admin
  • 57% of business owners said tracking transactions and tasks chewed up the most time
  • 88% of the most common admin tasks involve documenting, filing or following up

Australian SMBs are spending too much time on repetitive admin tasks that could be automated – and arguably improved by reducing human error – by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Time Consuming Admin Tasks In Manufacturing

Nobody is arguing admin should be abolished. We still need to send quotes, follow-up with suppliers, process timesheets, track budgets and file tax returns. However, when these tasks are automated it frees up time to focus on more productive tasks like:

  • Landing new clients
  • Sourcing better, cheaper material
  • Training and upskilling
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment
  • Developing new products/offerings

Think about it this way: how would you spend the extra 14-40% of your day if those annoying admin tasks were cleared away in a few clicks?

Jobman Features: Focusing on Admin Automation

When we created Jobman in the early 2010s, we wanted to build a tool that made manufacturers’ jobs easier. Having worked in the industry for some time before, we saw the potential to save time and hassle by automating admin.

From the first client interaction to the shop floor, project management to delivery and CRM, Jobman alleviates common pain points other ERPs might miss.

Financial Integrations

As one of the most time-consuming admin tasks, let’s start
with Jobman’s financial reporting and tax integration features. Everything from
financial reporting to Xero integration is handled
by the simple web-based system, saving your back-office hours every month.

Purchase Orders

Create, batch, edit and send POs from a searchable internal
database. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time or worry about
information getting lost in translation with an integrated Purchase Order
management system.

Employee workflow Management

From capacity planning to timesheets and attendance
tracking, Jobman simplifies employee management. With 5 levels of user access
and a centralised web-based solution, workflow management is easy for everyone
in the team.

Quotes & Invoices

Generate quotes from the client’s office, approve quotes
with one click, send invoices and receive alerts for payment (or missed payment),
and duplicate quotes/invoices for faster job management.

Inventory Control

Forget low stock levels or missing inventory. Jobman has
comprehensive availability charts for instant reordering and low-level alerts,
plus intuitive warehouse management features like converting received POs to
warehouse items, identifying items assigned to jobs, assigning stock levels and

Management Reporting

As a manager of a busy manufacturing business, you need
digestible information fast. And that’s exactly what features like sales reports, production reports, instant alerts and milestone tracking
are designed to do. Access your Jobman dashboard from anywhere, on any device, to
make data-driven decisions.

Get More From Your Day With Jobman

There are some tools your business can’t do without, and for small-to-medium manufacturers that’s an ERP like Jobman. Designed with busy manufacturing businesses front-of-mind, Jobman saves hours every month by reducing the burden of admin and simultaneously boosting productivity.

Get in touch for a system walkthrough, or learn more about the time-saving features on our website.

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