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Jobman and Xero: Certified efficiency across your business

Jobman is now a certified Xero app. Our industry-leading manufacturing ERP and Xero, arguably the most popular accounting solution for SMEs, work together to streamline processes and maximise productivity.

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The benefits reach every part of your business:

  • Back-office management
  • Team Leadership
  • Job Management and Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Employee Productivity

Jobman and Xero together provide end-to-end efficiency. By connecting Xero and Jobman, you are synchronising two mission-critical systems. Information flows in two directions, from Jobman to Xero and back the other way.

Double handling doesn’t exist, error rates go way down, and the consolidated system saves you hours.

How Jobman and Xero work together to improve productivity

Easy Invoice Management

Send, track, manage and follow up invoices through a single system. Draft invoices in Jobman and approve in Xero without double-handling data or losing precious time chasing approvals.

More professional customer service

Apply custom branding and themes to invoices and set reminders for Xero to automatically (and politely) follow up when invoices are overdue.

Act on time and attendance

Jobman’s time and attendance features make timesheet management a breeze. Now with the API integration into Xero, that timesheet data automatically feeds through to Payroll.

Balance bills faster

Sync purchasing data and schedule bills through the API connection. Missed payments often mean delivery delays, which can hold up a job.

Sync contact information

It works both ways: Jobman contact data synchronises to Xero, and updates made in Xero appear in Jobman. Accounting and Sales teams always have the latest information with no internal follow-up or double handling.


Automatic data synchronisation means Payroll no longer needs to chase timesheets, double-handle data, or fill in any blanks. Plus, the API integration allows Payroll to manage pay rates, leave and overtime much faster and with more transparency.

Job management

Jobman is a web-based ERP providing flexibility to manage manufacturing jobs from any device. Xero’s cloud-based platform provides the same agility, meaning you can run your business from anywhere – including generating expense claims, submitting timesheets, and raising invoices.

Real-time tracking

Monitor cash flow from any device, anywhere in the world. Reconcile bills and schedule payments any time with synchronised data and a simplified information flow.

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About Xero

Xero is a world leader in online accounting for small businesses. Founded in New Zealand, the software quickly took off around the world.

Today Xero is recognised as one of the most game-changing accounting solutions for small and medium businesses, and the company continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Jobman makes manufacturing more efficient

Right out of the box, Jobman provides a comprehensive range of manufacturing management solutions. Tasks like purchasing, inventory and stock control, timesheets, capacity planning and reporting simplified to boost productivity.

Xero integration made sense in so many ways. We’re both on the side of small business, we both want to provide a more efficient solution for growing organisational capacity, and we’re both changing the game in our respective fields.

See how the Jobman ERP for manufacturers provides a powerful end-to-end solution to grow your business.

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