Training/Support hours

No company is the same and neither are your training requirements. However we’ve found that 12 hours is sufficient for the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses, which is why we include 12 hours of training with every purchase of the Jobman Software.

Most of these hours will be used in the initial implementation and training phase, however they’re flexible to suit your needs. With the introduction of our training videos and module-based approach, most companies will use 6-8 hours on set up, leaving the rest for further training or question sessions. 

We recommend having some training hours up your sleeve that don’t expire for those one off questions that our support team are happy to answer using our support ticket system, or to dive deeper in further training.

Knowledge is incredibly important, as you’ll get much more from Jobman and see greater productivity and profitability improvements if your staff are confident and competent with Jobman.

Available Training Packages

Our training sessions are now available to be booked online. We understand that time is precious, so most of our training session service durations are a maximum of 1-hour session appointment slots. Generally, any longer than this starts to result in diminishing value.

If the session duration goes for less than one hour, we only deduct the actual training session time recorded from the training/support hours on your account, and the balance remains for future training/support requirements. There is no expiry on training/support hours.

We offer purchasable training and support hours in the following blocks;

  • 4 Hours of Training/Support
  • 8 Hours of Training/Support
  • 12 Hours of Training/Support (recommended for larger companies  or if you are starting the initial training process)

Jobman Site Audit

We can provide your company with a Jobman software setup and usability audit, which will highlight the key areas of further setup or user training requirements to enable you to get the most out of the software for your company.