Simple Integration of Quickbooks And ERP Software

Thousands of small businesses use Intuit QuickBooks Online to manage payroll, accounting, BAS and tax requirements. It’s one of the leading accounting software solutions for small businesses. 

Integrating QuickBooks Online with your manufacturing ERP, Jobman, is the smart, simple choice to grow your business.

Jobman and QuickBooks Online bring all your operational and financial data together for a complete business overview and better decision-making.

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The Best of Both Worlds For Small Business

Integrating your ERP and accounting software combines two essential business tools into a single simplified workflow. Data syncs across your entire operation, providing end-to-end business visibility, powerful workforce management tools and smarter insights.

Why Integrate Quickbooks Online and Jobman?

Intuit QuickBooks Online and Jobman come together to give small manufacturing and cabinetmaking businesses a productivity boost:

  • Track financial performance at a glance
  • Take the stress out of tax time
  • Synchronise CRM and supplier data
  • Send and settle invoices faster
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Manage cash flow
  • Plan, track and grow your business
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Track Your Finances

Intuit QuickBooks Online provides at-a-glance insights into your business’s financial performance. With Jobman, you benefit from accurate cost data from across your operation, including materials, payroll, equipment, maintenance and more. Now you can really see how your business is performing and plan better for the future.

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Faster, Easier Payments

Create invoices instantly using Jobman’s simple quoting and invoicing features. QuickBooks Online takes care of the rest: sending pay-enabled invoices, automated reminders, bank reconciliation and more. The Quickbooks Online ERP Integration with Jobman can create, send and track invoices in minutes.

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STP And Super, Simplified

Keeping on top of tax requirements is simple when you let Jobman and QuickBooks Online do the heavy lifting. Your workforce enters their hours in Jobman’s user-friendly Time and Attendance module, which synchronises to your job tracking screens and automatically creates a timesheet for approval.

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Eliminate Double Data Entry

Jobman and Quickbooks Online integration can automatically synchronise contact data in both directions. Customer and supplier information is always up-to-date, enabling more productive interactions. Plus, QuickBooks Online comes with a suite of handy expense tracking features like receipt entry and bank account connections.

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Cloud-Based Accessibility

Access Jobman and QuickBooks online from anywhere, anytime and know your information is always secure in the cloud. With 5 user access levels, Jobman protects your data while making features accessible to the right people.

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Powerfully Simple ERP And Accounting Integration

Integrating QuickBooks Online with your manufacturing ERP is as simple as signing in to both systems. Once you’re connected, you can start to sync timesheet, contact and invoice data. Only Jobman users with the highest access level can connect or edit the integration, keeping financial information secure while giving your workforce access to essential tools.

Jobman Academy

Want to learn more about how Jobman and QuickBooks Online work together? Our free, accessible Jobman Academy toolkit has in-depth guides to managing your manufacturing ERP. In Jobman Academy, you’ll find step-by-step information for integrations, Jobman features and much more